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Crankshaft-and-Pusher combination is the simplest and most efficient Mechanism for conversion of linear reciprocating motion into endless rotary, and vice versa, but Design inflexibility is its weak point. However, the Idea of Differentiation, in some way, of flow of Time, in transition of Energy from one element of Mechanism to next, resolves this problem. This Invention implements this Idea, referring to purely mechanical Mechanism, interposed between Work Production site and Machine Output, so that to smooth kinematic and dynamic features of Output or to improve geometric characteristics of Machine per se. Mechanism uses Odonto-Knodaces or Knodaces, so that, via innovative Phase Morphing Methodology, desired result is composed, point-by-point. Unlimited Applications include Bicycle Mechanism with reduced pedaling angle, minimizing fatigue, strain, muscles and bones damage, Symmetric Deltic Three-Cylinder Two-Stroke Engine, Two-Cylinder Four- Stroke Engine with Overlapped Power-Periods, Asymmetric Epi-Trochoidal Engine with unlimited compression ratio and high ratio of working to total volume.
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