Competitiveness, entrepreneurship and economic convergence (CEEC) - The new book - The central objective of this paper was to evaluate the degree of convergence of the national economy in the current context of economic convergence at the level of European economies, based on the macroeconomic framework analysis at national level, respectively the analysis entrepreneurship as an instrument of increasing economic competitiveness at the level of the business environment, analyzing the economic sectors with competitive potential, on the territorial dimension of the competitiveness at national level, on monitoring and evaluating the competitiveness of the companies at national level, on the analysis of Romania's place according to the global index of competitiveness, etc. In order to rebalance the functional and competitive relationship between the economy, nature and society, it is necessary to identify appropriate tools and methods for the implementation of programs that provide for both financial and institutional measures. The process of globalization affecting the current economies everywhere, considered as the most complex form of internationalization of the economic activity, implies the absolute attainment of a high level of convergence between the economies.
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