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Blockchain based firmware update system using drones

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This paper proposes a firmware update system using blockchain technology and drones to solve the firmware security problem caused by the development of IoT technology. The proposed system can reduce the network load caused by the firmware update of a large number of devices by preventing the forgery of the firmware using the blockchain and updating the firmware using the drone.

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Embedded devices are going to be used extremely in Internet of Things (IoT) environments. The small and tiny IoT devices will operate and communicate each other without involvement of users, while their operations must be correct and protected against various attacks. In this paper, we focus on a secure firmware update issue, which is a fundamental security challenge for the embedded devices in an IoT environment. A new firmware update scheme that utilizes a blockchain technology is proposed to securely check a firmware version, validate the correctness of firmware, and download the latest firmware for the embedded devices. In the proposed scheme, an embedded device requests its firmware update to nodes in a blockchain network and gets a response to determine whether its firmware is up-to-date or not. If not latest, the embedded device downloads the latest firmware from a peer-to-peer firmware sharing network of the nodes. Even in the case that the version of the firmware is up-to-date, its integrity, i.e., correctness of firmware, is checked. The proposed scheme guarantees that the embedded device’s firmware is up-to-date while not tampered. Attacks targeting known vulnerabilities on firmware of embedded devices are thus mitigated.
Blockchain-based Firmware Update Framework for Internet-of-Things Environment
  • Suttawee Achawapong
ACHAWAPONG, Suttawee. Blockchain-based Firmware Update Framework for Internet-of-Things Environment. In: Proceedings of the International Conference on Information and Knowledge Engineering (IKE). The Steering Committee of The World Congress in Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Applied Computing (WorldComp), 2018. p. 151-155.