Literaturas africanas de língua portuguesa II. Antologia de textos literários



Antologia concebida como o material de estudo das literaturas africanas de língua portuguesa que tem por objetivo aprofundar os conhecimentos já adquiridos em dada área cultural.
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Portuguese Foreign Language and its Interfaces, organized by profas. Drs. Nildicéia Aparecida Rocha (Department of Modern Letters) and Rosangela Sanches da Silveira Gileno (Department of Education) both from the Faculty of Science and Letters of Araraquara (FCLAr), with the support of CAPES and the Postgraduate Program in Linguistics and Portuguese Language , and the Center for Languages and Teacher Development (CLDP) of the Faculty of Sciences and Letters, Campus de Araraquara/SP, is a collection of works by renowned professors and researchers from national universities such as José Carlos Paes de Almeida Filho (UnB) and from universities and international institutes such as Caio César Christiano (Polytechnic Institute of Macau), Liliane Santos (Univ. de Lille, in France), Maria Micaela Dias Pereira Ramon Moreira (Univ. do Minho, Portugal), Maria Rocío Alonso Rey (Univ. from Salamanca, Spain), among others renowned, with research in the area of Portuguese as a Non-Mother Language (PLNM), Portuguese as a Foreign Language (PLE), Portuguese Additional Language (PLA) and the possible interfaces, among others. and they, Portuguese Host Language (PLAc) and Portuguese Heritage Language (PLH).
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