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Which immigrant groups do well in Denmark and Norway and why

  • Ulster Institute for Social Research
... In addition to 'Mankind Quarterly', a new online 'journal', OpenPsych, was established by two LCI attendees Emil O. W. Kirkegaard and Davide Piffer. Kirkegaard has argued that 'Islamic countries have lower IQ' (Kirkegaard, 2014). OpenPsych is unusual in accepting anonymous manuscripts (cf. ...
The term ‘chumocracy’ has been used to describe a tendency within the UK’s Conservative government to appoint friends and allies to key public positions; this image seriously underestimates the scale and influence of networks that shape policy and supply individuals to key roles. This paper maps networks that converge around conservative and sometimes extreme views on race and education. These networks include media figures, academics, public officials and a range of campaigning organisations. They are characterized by an authoritarian ideology, including hereditarian and pseudoscientific beliefs, that views Black and working-class populations as unstable and threatening. They shape policies that seek to silence critical debate about structural racism, while promoting an education characterised by intensified testing, selection, curricular control and strict discipline.
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