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Intuitive Concepts for Atomic and Photon Spin Systems

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This article is a follow-up to Beyond Einstein: non-local physics (2nd ed.). It presents an alternative to the nuclear model of the atom. It proposes that all particles (photons, atoms, etc.) are composed of pure space and time relationships, specifically "intrinsic rotation" (spin) in a setting of non-locality. The concepts are simple, intuitively accessible, and implied by the Periodicity of the Periodic Table and various facts from modern physics. Only the bare concepts are presented here with no detailed development. There are no mystery particles, no bottomless explanations, and (apparently) no show stoppers. The Expansive Ether is presented in greater detail. Structural concepts for the 4 pi and 2 pi spin systems are presented along with a speculative suggestion for the structure of charge. The history of physics implies that much of this information has already been published in unrecognizable forms and in obscure places.
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