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Although research studies are carried out in various fields of science, the general goals and defining characteristics of research are basically similar across disciplines. The rationales of this book are to discuss the fundamental methods to conduct research studies in various medical systems, the difficulties faced by researchers when planning and conducting a research study, variety of research designs commonly used, the research-related thoughtfulness of which researchers should be aware, the approach in which the results of research can be interpreted and disseminated, and ethical consideration. This book also includes one chapter on trends and possibilities of research in Unani medicine to benefit Unani fraternity and students and select different research design to conduct research in Unani medicine. Further, interesting chapter on journal club has been included to facilitate the Post Graduate scholar to understand and how to present the journal club especially for beginners. This book is best for readers who have either minimal or intermediate knowledge who need a quick reminder regarding particular aspects of research and its methodology. This book is also helpful for those readers with an advanced knowledge of research and its methodology, as it can provide a concise summary of basic research techniques and principles. Lastly, this book is valuable for even those readers who do not conduct research, as it will assist in becoming a more educated consumer of research. This book will develop your ability to professionally and successfully grasp and understand the results of a research study in various fields of science. Wherever feasible, visual cues highlighting key points are utilized alongside systematic, step-by-step guidelines. Chapters are focused and succinct. Topics are organized for an easy understanding of the essential material related to a particular topic. With this book, we aim to challenge and assist readers in the sciences faculty to aspire to the highest level of competency by arming them with the tools they need for knowledgeable and informed practice in research methodology.
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... Modern research helps us to get a more scientific view of this medical system [31,32]. Currently there is a lack of research data and lack of adequate accepted research methodology for understanding and evaluation of Unani medicine [33]. ...
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UNANI MEDICINE AND CANCER Christer Sundqvist. Prepublished article, 2020 Petrafoundation, Helsinki, Finland Unani medicine is an alternative medical system originating in ancient Greece almost 2500 years back. It is now practiced primarily in India. Herbal remedies, dietary practices and alternative therapies characterize Unani medicine. Let us study what it can offer for a cancer patient.
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