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6th International Conference on Sustainable Agriculture and Environment



Sustainability is important for human life which reach to clean water, environment, enough food, and satisfactory life. This conference event focus on sustainability for human activities. In that regard, agriculture is based on clean environment and well organization of all production inputs. Thomas Malthus, 18th-century British philosopher and famous economist, had some ideas about population growth. His population theories were outlined in his book entitled’An Essay on the Principle of Population’, first published in 1798. In such book, his theory was populations will continue to grow until growth is ended by disease, famine, war and so on. He developed a model known as Malthusian Growth Model using estimation of population growth. However, this theory is not suitable at present because of advents in genetic studies. All researchers’ are working very hard for obtaining greater and various agricultural products. Therefore, these conference series have focused mainly on this mentality and opinions. We hope, next generations should be worked harder for solving problems in sustainable agriculture and environment.
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