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A case study in digital collaboration: Navajo Language Renaissance and Rosetta Stone Navajo

  • Chitimacha Tribe of Louisiana


Stabilizing Indigenous Languages Symposium
tool purpose/function cost limitations where to find
Skype free calling, conference/video calling and
messaging, screen sharing most services free some features unavailable
in conference calls
Call Graph audio recording of Skype calls most services free for PC only
Webex web conferencing $$/free 2wk trial cost
Sharepoint (or equiv) digital collaboration platform $$ cost/limited to group users
Fonts and keyboards fonts and keyboards for indigenous
languages free
Googledocs simultaneous group editing and sharing free some features missing
Jing capturing full and partial screenshots most services free
YouSendIt sending files that are too large to email most services free 2GB limit
Digital Collaboration Tools
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SILS presentation May 20, 2011
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ResearchGate has not been able to resolve any references for this publication.