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Il contributo di Marco Fanno alla tradizione italiana di studi economici


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The volume collects nine essays on Italian politics, economics, and law during Fascism. Some are dedicated to the ideal objectives of corporatism, aiming at the renewal of politics, institutions and culture, and the objectively dismal results of the implemented policies. Economic researches analyze the debated abolishment of the inheritance tax in the 1923, and the various policies proposed by some Italian economists to counter the disastrous effects of the Great Depression. Specific attention is also given to the problem of the development of Italy’s southern regions. An essay is further dedicated to the influence of corporatism and idealism on the mathematical economist Bruno de Finetti. In the field of law, authors investigate the long lasting features impressed by Fascism on Italian administrative law and, in general, the permanence of a typically Fascist magniloquent style in the Italian jurisdictional language. Lastly, as suggested by title of this volume, a chapter analyses the social and political thinking of Carlo Rosselli, leading anti-fascist intellectual who paid dearly for his dissent.
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