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Dirty Electricity: Invisible role in the US Health Crisis?

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A dramatic rise in chronic disease, medical conditions and stress symptoms have arisen in the US. Between 1990-2015 Americans experienced a surge of more than 400 million cases of just 36 fast growing germ-less chronic conditions. Environmental factors such as chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals and electromagnetic radiation (EMR) are suspected. One growing form of EMR, dirty electricity, is discussed here and causally-linked to many of the exploding health and stress symptoms. Connections between dirty electricity (also called power-line EMI) are established by both statistical correlation and the identification of a plausible mechanism. This electrical energy acts like an exogenous trigger and is associated with free radical production, proliferations of peroxynitrite and the initiation of a self-sustaining biological system, undermining homeostasis called p-Factor.
Dirty Electricity: Invisible role in the US Health Crisis?
By Richard Lear
Abstract: a dramatic rise in chronic disease, medical conditions and stress symptoms have arisen in the past
thirty years in the US. Between 1990-2015 Americans experienced a surge of more than 400 million cases
of just thirty-six fast growing germless chronic conditions. This calculates to about 1.3 cases of a new
chronic condition per US citizen at an average generational disease rate of more than 167%.
These diseases and conditions are manmade and thought to be caused by something in our diet, lifestyle or
environment. One major environmental factor to consider is the increased exposures to electromagnetic
radiation (EMR). EMR is statistically correlated with the sudden US disease spike. There is also increasing
evidence of a plausible mechanism. At least one causal model details the biochemical-electrical mechanism,
which is ironically tied to the innate immune response to environmental stress. The two principal areas of
EMR under investigation are 1) microwave radiation from wireless technologies such as cell phones, mobile
transmitters and devices, Wi-Fi, computers, GPS and smart meters; and 2) dirty electricity. Dirty
electricity is a “coined term”, which describes the electromagnetic inference (EMI) and radiation caused by
devices, appliances and green technologies plugged into electrical circuits in buildings. A dramatic increase
of electronics and green technologies like solar power systems, compact fluorescent lights and electronics
with AC adapters has served to create and exacerbate this problem. This paper will focus principally on the
impact on our health and wellness from dirty electricity, though most forms of EMR are thought to act
through a common mechanism.
Dirty Electricity refers to a fast-growing form of potentially harmful electrical energy that
radiates into living environments from electrical wiring. Its highly unstable and raises the
ambient voltage in living environment by as much as two volts. This environmental toxin
arises from electromagnetic interference (EMI) caused by plug-in electronics, computers,
fluorescent lighting, modern appliances, battery chargers, smart meters and solar power
Recent science has shown dirty electricity to be bioactive. (1, 2) That is, it directly disturbs
human biological systems. Dirty electricity and other types of chaotic electrical energy (3)
have been associated with auto-immune disease (1,4,5,6) neurological conditions (1,4,5,6), poor
sleep(1 ,6), attentional disorders (1,4,5,6), anxiety (1,4,5,6) and dozens of chronic symptoms
associated with inflammation (1,4,5,6).
Here is a sampling of health impacts, which are scientifically-associated with dirty
ADHD (1)
Diabetes (3)
Anxiety (1)
Fatigue (1)
Asthma (1, 4)
Irritability (1)
Cancer (2)
Pain (1)
Concentration (1)
Mood (1)
Cancer (1)
Multiple Sclerosis (1)
Depression (1)
Sleep Issues (1)
Dirty Electricity another name for EMI: Dirty electricity is a term coined by the
electrical utility industry to describe electromagnetic interference (EMI) caused by plugging
in electronics, which typically need to convert alternating current (AC) electricity into the
direct current (DC) to operate. The term was first mentioned in the science by Dr. Magda
Havas, PhD and Dr. Samuel Milham, MD, who have both identified a series of health effects
associated with dirty electricity (power line EMI) in a half dozen scientific papers.
Dirty electricity exists everywhere. Some levels of dirty electricity are found in almost
every building whether it be in homes, work, schools, or in public places. Wherever
electronics like computers, battery chargers, Wi-Fi, TVs, game consoles, compact
fluorescent lighting or solar panels operate the electrical circuits are likely radiating dirty
Dirty Electricity is unusable and potentially harmful. Dirty electricity is a by-
product of using modern electronics. It is not only unnecessary to power our homes and
businesses, but can harm electronics and interfere with sound systems. It is also poses
challenges to our health. It has been postulated that this potentially harmful energy radiates
into living environments and couples to our bodies as an electrical charge. One crucial
scientific study 1 performed by Dr. Havas shows how removing dirty electricity from schools
improves the learning environment. 11 of 13 ADHD behaviors improved by up to 22%.
What does Dirty Electricity look like? Here is a visualization of the erratic electrical
energy produced by dirty electricity.
There is increasing scientific evidence that these invisible spikes and surges radiating from
electrical circuits may be triggering an immune system response. In a key section from
the BioInitiative Report,4 Dr. Olle Johansson, PhD shows how electrical fields trick the
innate immune system into thinking the body is being attacked by a foreign invader like a
virus or bacteria.
Johansson observed a proliferation of mast cells, which react to various classes of
electromagnetic radiation (EMR) in humans after exposures. Mast cells signal the release of
inflammatory substances, which when chronically provoked, enter a repetitive loop. There
is increasing evidence that chronic exposures to electrical fields like dirty electricity produce
a chronic inflammatory response. This chronic inflammation eventually exhausts the adrenal
glands and leads to fatigue, cognitive impacts, fuzzy thinking, irritability, anxiety and
memory loss. Chronic electrical exposures trigger symptoms, which mirror those
experienced in dozens of autoimmune diseases.
Drilling down: What Causes Dirty Electricity?
Dirty electricity is an erratic form of electromagnetic energy (EMI), which is generated by
electronic devices, as they operate. As mentioned earlier, the key problem is that most
modern electronics operate on direct current (DC) at around 12 volts, while electrical
circuits convey electrical energy, using alternating current (AC) at 120, or 240 volts.
Modern electronics convert the AC power to DC, and in so doing, create dirty power in the
form of electromagnetic interference. Imagine that crackly sound when AM/ FM radio is
tuned between stations. Here is what dirty electricity sounds like.
EMI circulates through a building’s electrical system and radiates into the environment
through wiring, outlets, power strips, and electronics and efficiency lighting, contaminating
the environment with electro-pollution.
Is dirty electricity dangerous? Scientific evidence points to a connection between
electrical energy and a wide variety of medical, emotional, and cognitive health problems.
There are now more than 5000 studies which link electromagnetic energy with biological
effects, chronic conditions and dozens of diseases. (4,5)
Dirty electricity is one form of electrical energy, which may trigger a single destructive
molecule in the body called peroxynitrite. This molecule is formed with nitric oxide (NO)
and superoxide (O2-). When found together they form the highly destructive ONOO-.
Peroxynitrite ONOO- is associated with electromagnetic radiation.
The peroxynitrite molecule creates more than 100 biochemical disruptions in humans and
has been associated with more than 60 chronic diseases 6 affecting more than 170 million
Americans. According to “The Root Cause in the Dramatic Rise of Chronic Disease7,” 36 of
the fastest growing diseases and chronic conditions in the US, which have all more than
doubled since 1990, share high levels of peroxynitrite. Here is a sampling of the growth of
chronic disease in the US:
In his landmark study, “Electromagnetic fields act via activation of voltage-gated calcium
channels to produce beneficial or adverse effects,” (11) Dr. Martin Pall, PhD of Washington
State University shows how electrical energy triggers high levels of intracellular calcium
ions, which in turn, causes releases of high levels of nitric oxide, which is a chief precursor
to peroxynitrite. Later in the paper, we will explore the pivotal role of peroxynitrite in the
36 fast-growing diseases. The connection between electrical energy like that produced by
dirty electricity (EMI), peroxynitrite and the 36 fastest growing diseases is outlined in “A
New Era of Disease in America and what’s behind it.(7)
How dirty electricity may lead to disease and chronic conditions
Let’s say you plug an electronic device like a computer or a cell phone battery charger into
an electrical outlet. The device, which runs on direct-current (DC) electricity must convert
alternating current (AC) electricity, which is provided by the electric company, to DC to
operate. The AC plug (adaptor) below is converting AC to DC.
By converting AC to DC electricity and stepping down the voltage from 120 volts to 12
volts, a measurable side-effect of wasted electrical energy is created in the form of
electromagnetic interference (EMI). A surge of electrical energy radiates into living
environments in the form of voltage transients and spikes. These are erratic forms of
electrical energy, which are rapidly changing in intensity. See how dirty electricity is
measured and hear the amplified noise it creates below.
Some believe human exposures to this surge in voltage caused by various classes of EMR like
dirty electricity (EMI) can lead to biological changes. Dr. Martin Pall demonstrates an
activation of voltage-gated ion channels (VGCIC) at the cellular level. This activation creates
inward and outward flows of unhealthy levels of calcium ions. Calcium itself can be toxic at
the cellular level. But even more critical: this rise in calcium ions triggers a rise in nitric
oxide (NO). As mentioned earlier, nitric oxide is a critical precursor to peroxynitrite,
which NIH scientists have linked with at least 60 chronic diseases.
At a biological level, the drama is played out in a spectacular series of biochemical changes,
which disrupt biological balance (homeostasis). High levels of peroxynitrite create free
radicals, which damage proteins and lipids (critical fats), perforate both the blood brain
barrier and stomach lining; and decrease the production of critical neurotransmitters such as
serotonin and dopamine. Low levels of these neurotransmitters are associated with anxiety,
depression, irritability, lack of empathy and many neurological diseases. Peroxynitrite also
creates mitochondrial dysfunction, which undermines the primary energy center for all cells in
the body. The result is impaired neurological function, organ dysfunction, brain fog,
memory issues and fatigue.
More science connecting dirty electricity to disease
Dr. Sam Milham, who authored one of the most powerful studies on dirty electricity and
cancer, 2 has spent nearly thirty years researching the impact of electromagnetic fields
(EMFs) on health. In his book, Dirty Electricity: Electrification and the Diseases of Civilization,
Dr. Milham provides the epidemiological link between dirty electricity and cancer, heart
disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, suicide and neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis
(MS) and ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease).
Waveform Matters
Dirty electricity (EMI) is just one form of electromagnetic radiation. People ask how very
low intensities of dirty electricity, often measured in picowatts (trillionth of a watt), could
possibly be bioactive. The intensity of other EMR’s like those from radiofrequency (RF)/
microwave (MW) radiation, which powers wireless technologies, typically reach into
microwatts (millionth of a watt) or milliwatts. The answer is puzzling. Some scientists
counter that the chaotic nature of dirty electricity, which is characterized by spikes and
surges, may be the key. These researchers believe that non-standard waveforms are
particularly antagonistic to biological systems, irrespective of intensity.
New Waves
In his presentation, Non-thermal biological effects of microwaves, Igor Belyaev
demonstrates the highly bioactive nature of non-sinusoidal waveforms. These are waves that
dramatically differ from the smooth sine wave shown below.
These relatively new waves to our planet include square and saw tooth waves; plus
modulated waves and pulsed waves almost any waveform that is either non-continuous or
unlike a sine wave.
Amplitude Modulation Pulsed Waves
Below you will see the comparison in waveforms between a smooth sine wave and three
manmade waveforms with sharp edges: the square wave, triangle wave and saw tooth wave.
Until the 20th century, humans never experienced electrical fields with waveforms as
complex as these. Now these types of waves are so dominant in electronics that the average
suburban dweller is being bombarded by up to 1200 signals using non-continuous and/or
non-sinusoidal waves 24 hours a day.
Our bodies, which are highly conductive, have evolved successfully to generally coexist with
low-level exposures to naturally occurring sine waves. Millions of years of evolution ensures
this adaptation. Yet, many new waveforms and electrical modalities have emerged in the
past half century. How well are humans adapted to enduring chronic exposures to pulsed
waves, digital transmission, saw tooth waves or modulated frequencies?
Chain of Causation
Since the 1970s, scientists have linked dirty electricity and other forms of EMR with
profound and chronic health impacts. A US Navy Study5, which surveyed more than 2300
global studies, linked microwaves, like those from cell phones, Wi-Fi, GPS, game consoles
and computers, with 132 biological effects. (See appendix B for a summary) Even at low-
levels, exposures to this form of electrical energy disrupts homeostasis. Yet many still
remain skeptical of whether low-level exposures to EMR from wireless, electrical devices or
even dirty electricity can really affect biological systems without heating.
Health Impacts from EMR exposures at low levels?
People are increasingly asking: can low-levels of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) really
affect our health? The short answer is yes. Yet, despite the findings of the US Navy study
plus thousands of others that confirm this, US regulators remain unmoved. Federal agencies
like the FCC and FDA claim that EMR from wireless signals, electronic devices, or even
dirty electricity, can only cause biological effects if it is strong enough to heat tissue. This is
called the thermal effect. This conclusion is made by bureaucrats and regulators, not
scientists. It ignores more than 5000 studies, which associate biological effects and disease
from low-level exposures to EMR. These are levels of EMR which do not heat tissue. Now
the real-world results of such a tragic miscalculation may be playing itself out in the US.
According to recent government statistics, a dramatic US health crisis has unfolded since
1990. About the same time as electronics, devices and green technologies began to
proliferate, driving high levels of dirty electricity, the wireless revolution began in the US.
Both trends correlate with the onset of dramatic disease growth.
170 million Americans are now suffering from at least one of 36 fast-growing chronic
diseases or conditions which more doubled between 1990 and 2015.10 In fact, on average,
every American is now suffering from 2.1 of these conditions. And there appears to be more
than just a correlative connection to EMR. Here’s how the chain of causation unfolds.
Internal Biological Chaos
Chronic Disease
P-Factor: The Heart of Biological Chaos
The current US health crisis is made up of 36 fast-growing conditions, each of which is
scientifically-linked with seven shared bio-markers. When taken together, we call this
biological fingerprint, P-Factor. P-Factor acts like a self-reinforcing biological system, which
cause dozens of bio-chemical disruptions. This virtual system of chaos is both caused by and
accelerated through the presence of high levels of a single, devastating molecule called
peroxynitrite. As discussed earlier, an elite scientific team from NIH brilliantly described
the destructive capabilities of this single molecule in their landmark 2008 study (6).
Peroxynitrite is represented in the P-Factor system as ONOO below.
This graphic shows the key bio-markers, which constitute P-Factor:
ONOO peroxynitrite
NOX nitrative stress
OX oxidative stress (prevalence of free radicals)
CI chronic inflammation
MD mitochondirial dysfunction
AD autonomic dysfunction
ED epithelial/ endothelial dysfunction
Could these key bio-markers fundamentally define the state of chronic, germless disease?
Scientific literature suggests P-Factor acts like a synergistic system where the individual bio-
markers interact to reinforce biological damage. For instance, Dr. Martin Pall has identified
‘vicious cycles” that exist within P-Factor. He notes how the self-sustaining and promoting
properties exist between bio-markers like oxidative stress (OX), chronic inflammation (CI)
and mitochondrial dysfunction (MD). For example, chronic inflammation leads to more
oxidative stress and, in turn, this rise in oxidative stress leads to increased inflammation.
Even more troubling is peroxynitrite’s role in disrupting the mitochondria. Every cell in the
body is powered by the energy-creating capabilities of the mitochondria. Yet once
peroxynitrite disrupts the electron transport chain, the mitochondria quickly lose its ability
to create core cellular energy, called ATP. In a profound irony, increases in peroxynitrite in
the mitochondria actually causes the production of more peroxynitrite.
Factory for Cellular Energy (ATP) is hijacked
What nature designed to be our core factory for the production of cellular energy is being
hijacked by peroxynitrite. Like a parasite, this molecule has converted the end-product of
what should be an energy factory into a more of this highly-destructive product. The
assembly line in the mitochondria is now creating peroxynitrite, instead of pure cellular
energy. The reinforcement and self-sustaining characteristics of P-Factor help explain the
chronic nature of chronic, germless disease. So, what triggers this entire chain of internal,
biochemical events? Is there some external force that sets P-Factor in motion? Following,
let’s examine possible triggers with a focus on the possible connection between EMR and P-
External Triggers and P-Factor
Government statistics show that in the past three decades, we’ve entered a new era of
chronic disease. The US health crisis is characterized by a dramatic rise in the diseases of
civilization. These are manmade diseases where germs are not to blame.
Diet, Lifestyle and Environment
In this new era of disease, the root causes cannot arise from bacteria, viruses, parasites
and/or mold. Instead, scientists believe the root causes can be found somewhere within our
diet, lifestyle or environment. Thus, if P-Factor is an internal biological mechanism for
chronic disease, what, then, triggers P-Factor from without?
Multiple possible external triggers exist. These three show the greatest correlation:
Correlation and Causation
Establishing a credible scientific link between the US health crisis and each of these triggers
is relatively straightforward. Determining causation typically means establishing both 1)
statistical correlation and 2) establishing plausible biological mechanisms. Here is the case
for statistical correlation:
In order to establish a causative relationship, we need more. We need to establish a plausible
mechanism. Let’s take a look at what the science says.
EMR and P-Factor
Ten of the most often-cited biological impacts from EMR are also directly linked with the
effects from peroxynitrite. Further, all are biologically linked with the other six bio-factors.
The linkages are mainly through inflammation and free radical production (oxidative stress).
The connection between EMR and the trio of peroxynitrite, inflammation and oxidative
stress is uncanny. Everywhere you look, the science links the coincidence of: 1) EMR, 2)
peroxynitrite; 3) oxidative stress; and 4) systemic inflammation as if it acts as biological
pathogen unto itself. Here’s a summary of the scientific connection between EMR and P-
Factor and its chief components:
EMR causes oxidative stress: a trigger of P-Factor
EMR causes peroxynitrite: the chief accelerator of P-Factor
EMR both directly and indirectly causes inflammation: primary outcome
Notice that nearly 150 studies link free radicals, peroxynitrite and inflammation with EMR.
So, the underlying biochemistry of P-Factor is triggered by EMR and the 36 fastest-growing
diseases in the US share all components of p-Factor.
The link between EMR and the sudden onset of the US Health Crisis is too overwhelming to
dismiss out of hand. The mechanism is staring at us in plain sight. The correlation of the
trends of new disease and highly explosive diseases and the exposure of the American public
to EMR is substantial.
Just review the data: There has been a doubling 36 diseases since 1990 during which the
number of wireless devices and electronic devices has grown by more than 6085%. In a
single generation 36 diseases have doubled, 20 have tripled, and 16 quadrupled. The annual
economic cost to the US: $2.7 trillion.
Below you’ll see the chain of causation, which shows the innate response to an
environmental threat. We link EMR: microwave radiation and EMI (dirty electricity) to
chronic disease and rapid aging outcomes. These are our initial human-evolved steps to
dealing with environmental threats.
In this graphic, the triangle represents a potential external trigger for free radicals and P-
Factor. Microwave radiation (MW) and/or dirty electricity can trigger the natural stress
response to an environmental toxin like EMR. This can set in motion the following:
Peroxynitrite (ONOO) productionthrough the activation of dramatic changes in
calcium ion levels caused by calcium ion voltage gates being triggered by EMR.11
Chronic Inflammation (CI), which is chronically triggered by immune system
activation by EMR, which in turn, causes cytokines and histamines to be released.
This level of inflammation also triggers an oxidative response, which in turn, creates
more inflammation.12
Free Radicals (Oxidative Stress - OX) the natural environmental stress response
entails the release of an oxidative burst at the cellular level. Studies show EMR
creates damaging free-radicals (OX)
Solutions to the Dramatic Change in our Electrical Environment:
Our electrical environment has changed dramatically since 1990. Wireless devices have
grown dramatically. Devices plugged into our homes, offices and schools have proliferated,
causing rising levels of dirty electricity. All this electrical energy is creating invisible stress
in, and on our bodies, which leads to chronic disease and medical conditions.
Eliminating Dirty Electricity for Better Health and peak performance
Dirty electricity can be mitigated by installing dirty electricity filters. As regulators, industry
and health activists continue to battle over the veracity of health impacts from wireless and
other EMR like dirty electricity, the rest of us can take action. We can dramatically lower
the overall EMR load on our bodies and health by taking a few simple steps.
While the abstract scientific debate on EMR-induced health effects persists, thousands of
individuals have already observed tangible changes in their own health by reducing the EMR
in their living spaces. For instance, more than 500,000 dirty electricity filters have been sold
in the US and testimonials from hundreds of people confirm profound changes in health,
disease and stress symptoms after installing these filters.
For those who still remain skeptical about the connection between our electrical
environment and health, attitude, frame of mind and energy levels, here’s a simple
experiment you can try for just one month:
Use the pScore form, or write down the date and a list of stress symptoms and health
issues you currently face with a score of severity 10 is the highest. (this can include
irritability, anxiety, sleep issues, memory lapses, mood changes, joint/ muscle pain,
low sex drive, fatigue, headaches, etc.). Now add up your score and make a note.
Filter the dirty electricity in your home, school or workplace. (most vendors have
money-back guarantees)
Put all wireless devices, including computers, on airplane mode while you sleep.
Turn-off the Wi-Fi router while you sleep
Move all electrical cords and devices away from your sleeping area. (at least 6 feet)
Now one month later, enter a score for each health issue or stress symptom.
Compare results.
Taking these inexpensive, or generally costless steps, can give our bodies time to recover
from the biological stress created by the persistent electrical energy around us. It doesn’t
take any political position, whether pro or con on the current science, to test the
connection. You can easily test the link for yourself.
Does decreasing the electrical energy in your living environment improve your health and
well-being? The science (2300 studies cited in the US Navy study) suggests that as many as
132 stress symptoms and biological impacts may improve by removing or reducing electrical
energy (see Appendix C) in your living environment.
Dirty Electricity is clearly becoming an increasing health concern in our homes, schools and
work places. The question is how big a role it plays in the current US health crisis. The
controversy persists. Fortunately, we now have tools to address the question pragmatically.
Interventions like those described above can give us a glimpse into how electrical energy can
play a part in health. While these interventions may not conclusively settle the debate, we
can begin to learn about the important effects of the electrical environment around us, and
how it enters into our state of health and wellness.
Conflicts of Interest: I am co-founder of Greenwave International, Inc., a Delaware
Corporation. Greenwave designs, manufactures and sells products which help reduce EMR
in our living spaces and exposures to electrical energy. Products include, iPhone and
Android Ethernet adapters; and dirty electricity meters and filters.
References and Appendices
Biological Impacts shared between EMR and Peroxynitrite:
EMR/ Peroxynitrite triggers production of stress proteins.
EMR/ Peroxynitrite interferes with cell signaling.
EMR/ Peroxynitrite damages DNA
EMR/ Peroxynitrite trigger Immune System to produce Inflammation.
EMR/ Peroxynitrite raises stress hormone Cortisol
EMR/ Peroxynitrite create Oxidative Stress (OX) (Free radicals)
EMR/ Peroxynitrite trigger calcium ion imbalances (highly toxic for body)
EMR/ Peroxynitrite increase permeability of blood brain barrier (BBB)
EMR/ Peroxynitrite damage sperm and reduces Testosterone.
EMR/ Peroxynitrite elevate blood sugar levels.
Possible Exogenous (external) Triggers for P-Factor
Sugar in our diet increased by more than 1000% between 1970 and 1990. Dozens
of studies confirm that sugar triggers peroxynitrite and thus P-Factor.
Roundup-ready corn, wheat and soybeans are genetically-modified crops,
which have been altered to be resistant to glyphosate, the active ingredient in popular
weed-killer, Roundup. The growth of Roundup (glyphosate) in the US food supply
rose by more than 3025% since 1990. Dr. Stephanie Seneff from MIT has shown a
strong connection between glyphosate and the destruction of aromatic amino acids
like tyrosine, phenylalanine and tryptophan. Each is a key biochemical target of
peroxynitrite. These amino acids are the building blocks for dopamine and serotonin.
These two critical neurotransmitters are largely responsible for our outlook, mood,
attitude, executive function, level of compassion and joie de vie.
Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR): EMR from wireless and dirty electricity
may trigger P-Factor though four separate Pathways:
o Peroxynitrite (ONOO)through the activation of dramatic changes in
calcium ion levels caused by calcium ion voltage gates being triggered by
o Chronic Inflammation (CI), which is chronically triggered by immune
system activation by EMR, which in turn, causes cytokines and histamines to
be released. This level of inflammation also triggers a oxidative response,
which in turn, creates more inflammation.12
o Oxidative Stress (OX): the natural environmental stress response entails
the release of an oxidative burst at the cellular level. Studies show EMR
creates damaging free-radicals (OX) (14,15) and Nitrative Stress (NOX). Henry
Lai surveyed 140 studies associating oxidative or nitrative stress with EMR. 123
out of 140 studies link cell phones, Wi-Fi and other EMR with increased
oxidative stress (OX) and nitrative stress (NOX).
o Autonomic Dysfunction (AD): EMR triggers the autonomic nervous
system: It creates autonomic dysfunction (AD). 111 studies (13) show
microwave/ radio frequency radiation trigger false signals within central
nervous system (CNS), which can then speed up heart rate (heart
palpitations), disturb sleep, deregulate body temperature, affect sex drive and
more. More importantly electromagnetic signals from within the nervous
system and the external environment experience a clearinghouse model
mediated in the basal ganglia, which is located in the midbrain. Cells for
transmission and reception act as hub for cell signaling via central nervous
system and the peripheral nervous system. These signals operate between 500
MHz and 25 GHz, which covers 95% of all wireless bandwidth. Thus, it is
apparent that the disruptions to the autonomic nervous system is mediated
through the basal ganglia. The autonomic nervous system also importantly
participates in triggering oxidative bursts at the cellular level. These bursts are
part of the natural environmental defense system. In plants and animals
oxidative bursts are triggered by an influx of calcium. An oxidative burst into
the cell is soon followed (2-48 hours) by a much sharper efflux of calcium.
This high level of extracellular calcium creates toxicity and up regulates nitric
oxide, a precursor of peroxynitrite.
Following is a sampling of biological impacts from wireless signals (microwaves), which are
identified across 2308 studies, compiled by the US NAVY in a survey of the global science:
Reported Biological Phenomena (Effects) and Clinical Manifestations attributed to
Microwave and Radio-Frequency Radiation (5):"
Central Nervous System Effects (9)
o Headaches
o Insomnia
o Cranial nerve disorders
o Vagomimetic action of the Heart; sympatico-mimetic action
Autonomic Nervous System Effects (4)
o Alteration of the heart rhythm
o Fatigue
o Structural alteration of the synapses of the vagus nerve
o Stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system (Bradycardia
Genetic and Chromosomal Changes (5)
o Chromosome aberrations
o Mutations
o Mongolism
o Tumors (cancer)
o Cellular changes (somatic alterations)
Psychological Disorders (17)
o Depression
o Impotence
o Anxiety
o Lack of concentration
o Dizziness
o Sleepiness
o Insomnia
o Increased irritability
o Memory loss
o Chest pain
Vascular Disorders (2)
o Thrombosis
o Hypertension (high blood pressure)
Blood Disorders (14)
o Blood and bone marrow
o Blood glucose concentration (increase)
o Blood Histamine content (inflammatory marker)
o Cholesterol and lipids
o Albumin/ globulin ration (decrease)
Enzyme and other biochemical changes (13)
o Alteration in cell division
o Change in concentration of Glycogen in Liver
o Tissue cultures killed
Metabolic Disorders (4)
o Gastro-intestinal disorders (4)
o Anorexia
o Constipation
o Epigastric pain
o Altered secretion of stomach (digestive juices
Endocrine Gland Changes (8)
o Altered pituitary function
o Hyperthyroidism
o Thyroid enlargement
o Altered adrenal cortex activity
o Decreased corticosteroids in blood
o Hypogonadism (decreased testosterone production) low T
Changes in physiological Function (29)
o Decreased fertility
o Altered sex ratio of births (more females)
o Altered blood flow
o Altered menstrual activity
o Structural changes in cerebral cortex
o Myocardial necrosis
o Dehydration
o Alteration of diameter of blood vessels
o Liver enlargement
o Alteration in sensitivity to light, sound and olfactory stimuli
o Altered rate of calcification (osteoporosis)
Miscellaneous Effects (10)
o Metallic taste in mouth
o Loss of hair
o Sensations of buzzing, vibrations, pulsations, tickling about head and ears
o Copious perspiration, salivation
o Changes in circadian rhythms
(1) Havas, M, Olstad, A. “Power quality affects teacher wellbeing and student behavior in
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(2) Milham, S, Morgan L. L., “A New Electromagnetic Exposure Metric: High Frequency
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(3) Chaotic Electrical Energy – non-sinusoidal, or non-continuous waveforms. (i.e.
modulated wave forms, pulsed frequencies, alternating current (AC) and electromagnetic
interference (EMI) also referred to as dirty electricity. There is evidence that the innate
immune system perceives non-sinusoidal waveforms as foreign invaders. Dr. Olle
Johansson’s section in the BioInitiative Report (4) points to the proliferation of mast cells
triggered by modulated electromagnetic fields (EMF). The innate immune system then
mounts an inflammatory response, which includes the release of cytokines and histamines.
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A new era of disease is fast emerging in the US. The 21st century model of chronic disease turns the old model upside down. The spotlight has long been on cancer and heart disease, which once were both growing exponentially. Now, among forty fast-growing diseases, the incidence of only three cancers and one cardio-vascular related condition are growing. In their place, four relatively new fast-growing disease groups have emerged: 1) neurological; 2) autoimmune; 3) inflammatory and 4) metabolic disease. A single molecule called peroxynitrite operates at the heart of more than forty fast-growing chronic diseases and conditions in the US. This fast-acting anion creates more than 130 biochemical disruptions in vivo. Among the most troubling is the nitration of L-tryptophan and L-tyrosine, which are precursors to critical neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine. Peroxynitrite also damages the blood brain barrier (BBB). Such biological markers are hallmarks of neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s, autism, bi-polar disorder and depression. The endogenous culprit – peroxynitrite – is well documented. But what about the exogenous cause? There is now increasing evidence that our modern electrical environment is imposing biological stress on our bodies. Dr. Martin Pall’s voltage-gated ion theory provides evidence to support the connection. He cites two dozen studies that show microwaves from cell phones trigger the internal mechanism that creates an over-production of nitric oxide and peroxynitrite. The connection between the spectacular growth in the use of electronics and wireless technologies and the explosion of chronic disease is more than a simple correlation. Few are aware of the chronic disease epidemic that is going on right now in the US. Fewer still have heard of the peroxynitrite connection. Almost no one recognizes the crucial role that the cell phone in our pocket may be playing with our health. Yet our electrical environment has dramatically changed. And now electrical energy stands as the chief suspect driving this new era of disease in America.
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There has been a largely unrecognized explosion of chronic disease in the US. More than 170 million Americans are currently suffering from diseases and conditions that can be vastly improved or even reversed by reducing levels of a single molecule called peroxynitrite. Elevated levels of peroxynitrite have been associated with more than 60 chronic diseases, yet can be controlled through moderate changes in lifestyle, reducing exposures to a few environmental toxins, improving diet plus introducing non-prescription supplementation. While thousands of scientists recognize the pivotal role of peroxynitrite in disease, few policy makers and physicians are aware of the opportunity they have to heal a nation suffering from chronic diseases. The annual economic burden of just forty fast-growing chronic diseases tracked in this paper is more than $2.7 trillion. With increased public awareness coupled with enlightened action this cost to society can be reduced to a fraction by simply implementing the knowledge we already have.
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The direct targets of extremely low and microwave frequency range electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in producing non-thermal effects have not been clearly established. However, studies in the literature, reviewed here, provide substantial support for such direct targets. Twenty-three studies have shown that voltage-gated calcium channels (VGCCs) produce these and other EMF effects, such that the L-type or other VGCC blockers block or greatly lower diverse EMF effects. Furthermore, the voltage-gated properties of these channels may provide biophysically plausible mechanisms for EMF biological effects. Downstream responses of such EMF exposures may be mediated through Ca(2+) /calmodulin stimulation of nitric oxide synthesis. Potentially, physiological/therapeutic responses may be largely as a result of nitric oxide-cGMP-protein kinase G pathway stimulation. A well-studied example of such an apparent therapeutic response, EMF stimulation of bone growth, appears to work along this pathway. However, pathophysiological responses to EMFs may be as a result of nitric oxide-peroxynitrite-oxidative stress pathway of action. A single such well-documented example, EMF induction of DNA single-strand breaks in cells, as measured by alkaline comet assays, is reviewed here. Such single-strand breaks are known to be produced through the action of this pathway. Data on the mechanism of EMF induction of such breaks are limited; what data are available support this proposed mechanism. Other Ca(2+) -mediated regulatory changes, independent of nitric oxide, may also have roles. This article reviews, then, a substantially supported set of targets, VGCCs, whose stimulation produces non-thermal EMF responses by humans/higher animals with downstream effects involving Ca(2+) /calmodulin-dependent nitric oxide increases, which may explain therapeutic and pathophysiological effects.
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In October 2002, the Superintendent, Ron Perry, invited a power quality expert, to measure the school for electrical problems. He found elevated levels of high frequency radiation on the wires in the school (commonly referred to as dirty electricity) and installed Graham Stetzer filters to remove these high frequencies. The staff knew that an electrical contractor was working in the building but were unaware of what work was being done. Within days they began to notice marked improvements in their health.
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Dirty electricity is a ubiquitous pollutant. It flows along wires and radiates from them and involves both extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields and radio frequency radiation. Until recently, dirty electricity has been largely ignored by the scientific community. Recent inventions of metering and filter equipment provide scientists with the tools to measure and reduce dirty electricity on electrical wires. Several case studies and anecdotal reports are presented. Graham/Stetzer (GS) filters have been installed in schools with sick building syndrome and both staff and students reported improved health and more energy. The number of students needing inhalers for asthma was reduced in one school and student behavior associated with ADD/ADHD improved in another school. Blood sugar levels for some diabetics respond to the amount of dirty electricity in their environment. Type 1 diabetics require less insulin and Type 2 diabetics have lower blood sugar levels in an electromagnetically clean environment. Individuals diagnosed with multiple sclerosis have better balance and fewer tremors. Those requiring a cane walked unassisted within a few days to weeks after GS filters were installed in their home. Several disorders, including asthma, ADD/ADHD, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, are increasing at an alarming rate, as is electromagnetic pollution in the form of dirty electricity, ground current, and radio frequency radiation from wireless devices. The connection between electromagnetic pollution and these disorders needs to be investigated and the percentage of people sensitive to this form of energy needs to be determined.
More than 2300 references on the biological responses to radio frequency and microwave radiation, published up to April 1972, are included in this bibliography of the world literature. Particular attention has been paid to the effects on man on non-ionizing radiation at these frequencies. The citations are arranged alphabetically by author, and contain as much information as possible so as to assure effective retrieval of the original documents. Soviet and East European literature is included in detail. An outline of the effects which have been attributed to radio frequency and microwave radiation is included as Chapter 1. The revised report (which supersedes DDC report AD-734 391) is updated with the inclusion of three supplementary listings, and has incorporated many corrections and additions to the original 2100 citations.
In 2003 the teachers at La Quinta, California middle school complained that they had more cancers than would be expected. A consultant for the school district denied that there was a problem. To investigate the cancer incidence in the teachers, and its cause. We conducted a retrospective study of cancer incidence in the teachers' cohort in relationship to the school's electrical environment. Sixteen school teachers in a cohort of 137 teachers hired in 1988 through 2005 were diagnosed with 18 cancers. The observed to expected (O/E) risk ratio for all cancers was 2.78 (P = 0.000098), while the O/E risk ratio for malignant melanoma was 9.8 (P = 0.0008). Thyroid cancer had a risk ratio of 13.3 (P = 0.0098), and uterine cancer had a risk ratio of 9.2 (P = 0.019). Sixty Hertz magnetic fields showed no association with cancer incidence. A new exposure metric, high frequency voltage transients, did show a positive correlation to cancer incidence. A cohort cancer incidence analysis of the teacher population showed a positive trend (P = 7.1 x 10(-10)) of increasing cancer risk with increasing cumulative exposure to high frequency voltage transients on the classroom's electrical wiring measured with a Graham/Stetzer (G/S) meter. The attributable risk of cancer associated with this exposure was 64%. A single year of employment at this school increased a teacher's cancer risk by 21%. The cancer incidence in the teachers at this school is unusually high and is strongly associated with high frequency voltage transients, which may be a universal carcinogen, similar to ionizing radiation.
Poor power quality (dirty electricity) is ubiquitous especially in schools with fluorescent lights and computers. Previous studies have shown a relationship between power quality and student behavior/teacher health. The purpose of this study is to determine the ability of power line filters to reduce dirty electricity in a school environment and to document changes in health and behavior among teachers and students. We installed Graham Stetzer filters and dummy filters and measured power quality in three Minnesota Schools. Teachers completed a daily questionnaire regarding their health and the behavior of their students for an 8-week period. Teachers were unaware of which filters were installed at any one time (single blind study). Dirty electricity was reduced by more than 90% in the three schools and during this period teacher health improved as did student behavior in the middle/elementary schools. Headaches, general weakness, dry eyes/mouth, facial flushing, asthma, skin irritations, overall mood including depression and anxiety improved significantly among staff. Of the 44 teachers who participated 64% were better, 30% were worse, and 6% did not change. Behavior of high school students did not improve but elementary/middle school students were more active in class; more responsive, more focused; had fewer health complaints; and had a better overall learning experience. Dirty electricity in schools may be adversely affecting wellbeing of teachers and behavior of their students, especially younger students in middle and elementary school. Power line filters improve power quality and may also protect those who are sensitive to this energy. Work on electric and magnetic field metrics with and without Stetzer filters urgently needs to be carried out to determine just what characteristics of the dirty electricity may be interacting with the people.
Research Professor at University of Washington Studies on oxidative stress effect of radiofrequency radiation
  • Henry Lai
Lai, Henry, Research Professor at University of Washington Studies on oxidative stress effect of radiofrequency radiation.
BioInitiative 2012, A Rationale for Biologically-based Exposure Standards for Low-Intensity Electromagnetic Radiation
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