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EFL Theory and Practice: Voice of EED UKI



This proceeding includes 24 edited articles presented in English Education Collegiate Forum held by the English Education Department of the Faculty of Education and Teachers Training, Universitas Kristen Indonesia in 2015 to 2018. The articles cover some topics covered related to current hot issues in EFL, such as learning and teaching methodology and strategies; language skills, pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar development; curriculum, evaluation and assessment matters; language research methodology, and the implementation of technology in EFL.
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... This kind of strategy can have a positive impact on the students. Pardede (2017) stated that by integrating the four skills, the students could develop their communicative competence and use English. It is said that it can develop communicative competence because by integrating the four skills, the students will be able to use all senses, which will optimize them to absorb the information. ...
... This research used a mixed-method design. Mixed method studies have been utilized by many Indonesian researchers, specifically in the field of education (Aini et al., 2020;Astriningsih & Mbato, 2019;Daud et al., 2019;Lomi & Mbato, 2019;Pardede, 2019). The aim of the combined methods was not to substitute quantitative or qualitative data but to combine both results by examining the findings of the entire study and drawing conclusions (Ivankova et al., 2006, p. 17). ...
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Teaching is one of the fundamental professions in society. Pre-service English teachers’ perceptions and motivations may significantly influence their career decision-making to enter the profession. This study aimed to investigate pre-service English teachers’ perceptions and motivations to enter the teaching profession. It employed mixed-method research with questionnaire and interview as the instruments to collect data. The respondents were 44 pre-service English teachers from an English Teacher Education Department of a well-known university, in East Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia. Results showed that the students had various perceptions regarding the teaching profession and most of them were altruistically motivated to be teachers in the future. The current study offers two important implications. First, since perceptions and motivations to enter the teaching profession are not fixed and may be influenced by the students’ family, environment, and study program, building positive perceptions and motivations should be an integrated element of the teacher education curriculum. Second, graduating students need strong support from the family, environment, and the government to maintain positive perceptions and motivations about the profession.
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