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Zimbabwe's Political Leadership and Economic Recovery

  • SPR BEECORPS Research Institute


Zimbabwe is facing a severe economic challenge, with rising costs and shortages of energy. In interpreting the situation, fundamental attribution and self-handicapping are common with accusations and counter accusations especially within the body politic. There is a general theory that when the economy fails, the solution is change of government in general and change of leaders in particular. In the common lexicon, leadership equals leaders. In addition there is general focus on political leadership with the fingers pointing at the governing political party. The belief is a change in the governing political party is the solution to the country's economic problem. How accurate is this economic schema? In this article Simon Bere provides alternative views on leadership. He separates leaders from leadership and described the various domains of leadership within an economy, arguing that they are all important in their own right and also the collective leadership is critical for economic success.
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