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Are men angrier than women?


Recent research has consistently found that women experience anger as frequently and as intensely as men, but men are more likely to express anger. Upon closer inspection, expressions of anger are also targeted more frequently towards men than towards women. Why? There are four possible explanations, a) women are more interpersonally sensitive and more socio-emotionally oriented than men, b) women are more sensitive to negative social feedback than men; c) women are less exposed to aggressive signals in order to maintain a better somatic and psychological health for potential courtship and for successful mating; d) the more frequent targeting of anger towards men developed because of the frequent conflicts of males within the dominance hierarchy during hominid evolution. The infographics is a supplementary material for the original paper: Gender Differences in Human Interpersonal Conflicts: A Reply to Ingram et al. (2012) 2013, Evolutionary Psychology 11(4):781-7
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