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A historical overview of bird ringing in Serbia (Die Vogelberingung in Serbien im historischen Überblick)

  • Nature Protection and Study Society - NATURA , Serbia, Sombor
  • Centre for Ecological Research


In this report, we present for the first time a detailed historical overview and documentation of 110 years of bird ringing in Serbia. The ringing of birds in Northern Serbia (Vojvodina) has a long tradition, starting in 1908. As far as we can establish, Károlyné Fernbach, née Dóra Karácson from Sombor, a further key figure who recognised the importance of bird ringing at an early stage, was the first woman worldwide to ring birds. Up until 1914, the network of bird ringers and ringing activity developed apace. During the World War I and II and intervening period, however, bird ringing in Serbia stagnated due to lack of finance and shortage of rings. Following World War II and up to 1991, ringing activities, and the numbers of ringers increased. From 1991 until begin of the 2010s, mainly due to the civil war in Yugoslavia, ringing activities often ran into difficulties as a result of lack of financial support and animosities based on political and ethnical bias. In the past few years however, ringing activities received increased financial support, resulting in a better supply of both aluminium rings and colour markers.
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