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Transfer special issue Vol. 25 No.3: From minimum to living wages -lessons from different European practices



All articles of this special issue are available on the Transfer Website: The articles by Schulten and Müller; D'Arcy and Finch; and Alsos, Nergaard, Van Den Heuvel are available as free downloads until Friday 18th October.
European Review of Labour and Research
Quarterly of the ETUI Research Department
Volume 25 Number 3 August 2019
From minimum to living wages – lessons from different
European practices
Editorial 255
Torsten M¨
uller and Thorsten Schulten
Main Articles
What’s in a name? From minimum wages to living wages in Europe 267
Thorsten Schulten and Torsten M¨
Living wages in international and European law 285
Reingard Zimmer
The calculation of a living wage: the UK’s experience 301
Conor D’Arcy and David Finch
The Living Wage in the UK: testing the limits of soft regulation? 319
Mathew Johnson, Aristea Koukiadaki and Damian Grimshaw
The introduction of a ‘monthly living wage’ in Slovenia 335
Andreja Poje
Collective bargaining as a tool to ensure a living wage. Experiences from
the Nordic countries
Kristin Alsos, Kristine Nergaard and Andreas Van Den Heuvel
News and Background
Trade unions and the Living Wage in the UK 367
Paul John Sellers
Living wages: a reasonable goal or a surrender of minimum wages?
An Austrian perspective
Julia Hofmann and Sepp Zuckersta¨tter
‘Fight for 14’. The campaign for a decent minimum wage of 14 per hour
in Belgium
Olivier Flohimont
Barcelona’s minimum living wage initiative 387
Bru Laı
n and Lluı
s Torrens
IG Metall: in the vanguard of transformation 393
Otto Jacobi
Book Review
Besnik Pula
Globalisation under and after socialism: the evolution of transnational capital in
Central and Eastern Europe
Reviewed by: Abhishek
Coordinators of this issue: Torsten M ¨uller and Thorsten Schulten
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