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La rotta degli Antonelli: documentazione e valorizzazione di una rete di siti UNESCO in Centro America

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The paper is a summary of some studies that have focused on the documentation for the restoration and enhancement of the Fort San Lorenzo el Real del Chagres in Panama. The aim of the project is to develop an experimental methodology for the creation of descriptive atlases with an informative and reliable metric survey systems; a documentary corpus necessary for the understanding of the historical events which have affected this place, today declared UNE-SCO heritage, and for the definition of guidelines for restoration and enhancement. The monument is unique for both the special relationship with the surrounding context for defensive strategies terms, and for the deep connection with the events that have affected not only the colonization and development of Panama, but the entire Central America. From the first project of a "Castillo" to the creation of present's fortified fortress overlooking the outfall of the Cha-gres River, the paper is going to explain the major historical events that have influenced the image of the building, illustrating the documentation and the recovery project.
The geometry underlying the design of sixteenth-century fortifications is a subject of considerable interest among scholars of military architecture. Many treatises from the period emphasize the importance of using geometrical constructions for the design of defensive elements in proper proportion to the entire edifice. One treatise, the Epitomi delle fortificationi moderne, was written in 1560–1561 by Italian military engineer Giovanni Battista Antonelli (1527–1588), whose family had been in the service of the Spanish crown for nearly a century. In this paper, we investigate the methods set forth by Antonelli in his work, paying particular attention to the geometrical design of typical architectural elements in fortifications of the early modern period. We then provide a case study of the reconstruction of a bastion according to the engineer’s proposals.
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