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The Adjacent Conceptions Effect on Creativity According to Detailed Path for Creation Process

  • Al- Muthanna University


ABSTRACT The Place as a cosmic reality perceived by humans during his daily life unlimited in being visually static aware which filled the thinkers and philosophers ،And despite of the predominance of stillness and strap on the place where those in ancient times but that art in General and particular narrative grant place is clear and effective especially in our present time ، There are a lot of terms which approach to the place some related on mention the word ( place ) as equivalent attached or containment or similar approach and some other are including: extension, environment, space, emptiness, position and others of which referred to by specialists. Thus the research problem (lack of cognitive framework for spatial systems role in shaping the architecture) therefore the research aims to create a knowledge base for spatial systems role in shaping the architecture. Because there is an important role search is supposed to place systems outside the field of architecture and the potential impact on the field of architecture, and that there is an effect of the event in the system and its relationship with the place. So the search will focus on studying the concept of place within the field of (Quran – language – geographic literature. meeting – philosophy – engineering) and their relationship to the formal configuration of architecture systems.
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