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The primary aim of this project was to examine police attitudes to various beliefs around suicide but also, to assess their levels of EI and how this may be associated with such attitudes. As such, we examined: 1) Police attitudes to suicide (in terms of acceptance, permissibility etc). 2) Levels of EI 3) The relationship between EI and attitudes to suicide. Executive Summary: • There is a significant degree and a moderate-high regularity of work-related exposure to suicide among the West Midlands police staff. • Exposure to suicide in a professional capacity is often accompanied by some degree of distress. • Many police staff who have had professional encounters of suicide have also had personal experiences with suicide. • There is a large perceived need for suicide specific training across all police ranks. • Perceived competence to intervene following a suicide attempt is lower among Police constables and Sergeants than higher ranking officers. • Attitudes towards suicide are largely tolerant, compassionate and informed although there are some enduring misconceptions surrounding suicide which may be addressed through tailored training programmes.
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