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Solar activated envelopes in district context - Design and assessment concepts



The decarbonization of the building stock is essential for achieving the climate protection targets in Germany and is not conceivable without intensified utilization of renewable energies, in particular solar energy. As urban roof areas for solar installations are limited, facades become relevant for energy activation, requiring high architectural quality in order to achieve universal acceptance. Due to rising temperatures especially in urban spaces, strategies for climate adaptation, e.g. by enhanced greening of urban districts, are gaining in importance as well. Thus, the research project Cleanvelope aims to investigate the synergy potential of solar energy use as a climate protection strategy and greening as a climate adaptation strategy in building envelopes without compromising the architectural quality of the built environment. Attractive design concepts at a district level accompanied by application guidelines will reduce existing reluctance to apply solar energy systems in building facades due to aesthetical and warranty reasons.
Shaping a Sustainable Energy Future
9th Colloquium of the Munich School of Engineering
August 1, 2019
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