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Pedestrian and Cyclist Safe System Solutions for St Kilda Road (Melbourne)



St Kilda Road is Melbourne's premier boulevard and is one of the busiest tram routes in the world. It also has a high incident of pedestrian and bicycle crashes due to the relatively poor standard of the facilites provided for these users. For cyclists this consists of a 1.5m painted cycle-way between parked cars and live traffic travelling at 60km/h plus. With up to 1000 cyclists during the peak period it is not surprising that there are many 'dooring' crashes. A large number of pedestrians cross the route, especially to access the central tram lines, with multiple stage crossings and mid-block crossing desire-lines pedestrians are also not well catered for. To create a step change in design and the associated innovation the Victorian Traffic Accident Commision (TAC) appointed an international team of four experts to develop up a safe system solution for the route. This consisted of two Swedes, an American and a Kiwi. This presentation will outline the issues along the route for pedestrians and cyclists, the 'unique' solution that was developed and the results of a multi-criteria analysis (MCA) that showed how the developed solution would out-perform all alternatives, especially in terms of moving toward s a safer system for these modes.
Safety Issues on St Kilda Rd Boulevard
Counter-clockwise Boulevards (St Kilda Road)
St Kilda Junction
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