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#VanGELOassoluto -| INDEX |- {ITA ed.: } ►Why this text(?) ►Why this title(?). ►What would be needed, for us common readers, before reading this book. ►Origin: the tetra wooded savannah. ►The role of fire: look towards the firmament. ►Genesis of the Sacred. ►Death and loss of loved ones: the awareness of a finite existence. ►Concept of free will to support Humans. ►Atheology as the maximum expression of culture but coarsely compressed in a ridiculous time frame. ►The era of machines and GOD. ►The road to real immortality and ubiquity. ►GOD Wailing. ►Multiple Avatar and Reincarnation. Gods & Demons. Monotheism vs. Polytheism vs. Atheism. Exoplanets. ►Love and Knowledge. The roots of GOD? Collapse hypothesis. ►GOD light & darkness of DARK EGO. ►Final considerations. ►AntiProphet. 🔴Salvatore VICIDOMINI { Deposit 109596 www●Patamu●com, 2019-08-06 12:34:44 UTC (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) }🔴
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Salvatore Vicidomini
~ 2 ~
Cover Image
The cover image is a collage made by me using a simple and elementary software graphics.
The image is assembled combining apparently disjointed elements:
an outer frame in red, in the apical and basal part;
a complete frame, which contains a title and a formula;
a dark grey eBOOK title at the top of the complete frame;
a mathematical formula representing a limit.
The outer frame in red is a reference to the wonderful fractal geometry.
The complete internal frame instead represents a series of planets and moons of our Solar System.
Specifically, the planets and moons represented are precisely where probably (in my opinion) it
originated and/or is currently present extra-terrestrial life.
These are Venus, Mars, IO, Europe, Enceladus and Titano, united by the wonder of the wonders of
the codes: DNA!
The title is in grey and written with a graphic effect whose motivation is the subject of the first two
chapters '''Why this text(?)''' and '''Why this title(?)'''.
Finally, the formula that is certainly one of the chilling elements ... expresses the operation limit
with which a variation of a function is related to the variations of a second function.
The first function is A, that is, love (Amore in Italian); the second function is C, that is, knowledge
(Conoscenza in Italian language); for the extended explanation of this formula you are invited to
read the chapter '''Love & Knowledge. The roots of GOD? Collapse hypothesis'''.
Enjoy the reading,
Salvatore Vicidomini
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Why this text(?)............................................................................................................................................. 4
Why this title(?). ........................................................................................................................................... 5
What would be needed, for us common readers, before reading this book. ............................................ 6
Origin: the tetra wooded savannah. ............................................................................................................ 9
The role of fire: look towards the firmament. ........................................................................................... 12
Genesis of the Sacred. ................................................................................................................................ 15
Death and loss of loved ones: the awareness of a finite existence. ......................................................... 18
Concept of free will to support Humans. ................................................................................................... 21
Atheology as the maximum expression of culture but coarsely compressed in a ridiculous time frame.
......................................................................................................................................................................... 22
The era of machines and GOD. ................................................................................................................... 24
The road to real immortality and ubiquity. ............................................................................................... 32
GOD Wailing. ............................................................................................................................................... 37
Multiple Avatar and Reincarnation. Gods & Demons. Monotheism vs. Polytheism vs. Atheism.
Exoplanets. ...................................................................................................................................................... 40
Love and Knowledge. The roots of GOD? Collapse hypothesis. ................................................................ 45
GOD light & darkness of DARK EGO. .......................................................................................................... 50
Final considerations. ................................................................................................................................... 52
AntiProphet. ................................................................................................................................................ 55
~ 4 ~
Why this text(?).
This short text comes from a series of personal thoughts, meditations and insights that I have been
performing for several years and which were triggered for the first time during the Pre-Marriage
Confirmation course in 2001-2002.
At that time, being partly obliged to attend Church, I decided to turn that series of weekly
appointments into something that would have enriched me culturally, mentally, and spiritually.
So I started my parallel path of preparation for Confirmation, reading and comparing a series of
texts: Genesis; Old Testament; Canonical Gospels.
Very quickly I felt and perceived a considerable motivational pressure to get out of the Catholic-
Christian scheme and to embrace, in a much wider way, the whole religious phenomenon, framed
within the biological and social sciences.
The positive impact I got from reading the Genesis and the other Books of Moses, that form the 5-
books Hebrew base of the Bible (Torah), led me to a first departure from Catholicism-Christianity,
because I did not attain the same impact with the reading of the Canonical Gospels. I was certainly
much closer to a Jewish perception of the conception of the Sacred than the Christian and Catholic
I soon decided to read the Koran, but the experience aborted very quickly, both because I was
unprepared, and perhaps because I could not find any driving force in the continuation of the
difficult reading (absence of a guide).
After this initial phase, I very quickly understood that for myself, the dimension of the Sacred was
very relevant interest for me, but more for scientific-cognitive-evolutionary motivations than for a
conscious faith in the dimension of the transcendent.
It was time for me to get closer to what was the true study of the Sacred from the scientific point
of view and, therefore, the study of the Atheist and Satanic currents. The key books in this case
were three:
}- Creation of the Sacred (Burkert W.);
}- Atheist Manifesto (Onfray M.);
}- The Beast 666: The Life of Aleister Crowley (Symonds J.).
These texts, the Sacred Books listed above, and also numerous other texts, along with my
university and academic education as an evolutionary biologist-ecologist, have determined in me a
very peculiar phenomenon:
}- maximum interest for the whole Sacred-religious phenomenology;
~ 5 ~
}- absolute negation of any transcendent plan that goes beyond the marvellous laws of physics,
chemistry and mathematics.
In about 2010, after this almost decade of study-reading and meditations on these topics, I began
a critical process of re-examination of the dual axiomatic dogma that makes wrong all the
ideological positions of an ideology-supporters:
GOD does not exist (Atheists & Co.);
GOD exists (Monotheists, Polytheists & Co.).
The following text effectively represents the entire process of construction and deconstruction of
the two axiomatic propositions, deeply investigating their repercussions, on a temporal scale with
evolutionary dimension/size/extension, contextualised within the contemporary human species.
The result, already mature from several years (about from 2013), has for me, grotesquely hyper-
realistic implications, that I would like to share, with the hypothetical interested public, in terms of
a surreal-dreamlike travel, but terribly true.
Why this title(?).
A title should contain, at least a little, the overall meaning of a text.
The title adopted, chosen by me from the beginning of book-idea, outlines two characteristics of
the text, or rather, highlights and emphasize two sensations that the text immediately left me as
soon as I wrote it out (this in Italian language).
The first sensation was certainly not that of the Gospel (VanGELO in Italian language), but of Frost,
because the implications are so surrealistically realistic that Gelo is the only instinctual sensation
that pervaded me (GELO in Italian means frost in the English language).
The second sensation was that of absolute, irreversible, mental path.
For this reason, the title remains the same, and its correct translation maybe ''Absolute FROST''
and not Absolute Gospel.
~ 6 ~
What would be needed, for us common readers, before reading this
In the following pages, there are some terms that refer to technologies and equipment that only
very few people know or have heard of them. Therefore, it is considered appropriate to provide
short definitions of these terms, with precise and specific references to the WIKI sources used and
available to all for further information.
It is not absolutely necessary to fully understand what these terms are, but simply to understand
the type of technologies-equipment, in such a way as to have in mind any possible immediate or
future implications. This is perfectly analogous to when discussing the importance of space
research; no one knows how it is structured and how works a vector rocket, a satellite, an
exploration probe, or an orbiting space station, but many have an enough clear idea about
satellites, vectors, rockets and on the space bases themselves.
The key terms are the followings:
A black hole is a star of a very high mass that, because of exhaustion of its fuel (Hydrogen and
Helium), undergoes a violent gravitational collapse turning into a body so dense that its gravity
strongly attracts all the matter that surrounds it, leaving nothing to escape, not even light.
A quantum computer is a new device for the processing of information that, to perform the classic
operations on data, uses the typical phenomena of quantum mechanics such as the superposition
and entanglement effects. With this new type of computer it will be possible to calculate really
impressive quantities of data and it will also be possible to create algorithms with a number of
variables that are enormous compared to the current one.
Electrophoresis is an analytical and separative technique based on the movement of electrically
charged particles due to the effect of an electric field applied by means of a pair of electrodes to
the fluid where charged particles are immersed. Another example of electro kinetic phenomena,
similar to electrophoresis, is electro osmosis, in which the substances present in the solid state
remain immobile, while the liquid ones migrate due to the effect of the electric field applied.
The Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), is a molecular biology technique that allows the hyper-
duplication (amplification) of nucleic acid fragments of which the initial and terminal nucleotide
sequences are known. The amplification by PCR allows to obtain in vitro, very quickly, the amount
of genetic material (DNA) necessary for the subsequent applications.
With this method it is also possible to have enormous quantities of a very small ultramicroscopic
segments of DNA.
~ 7 ~
A DNA microarray (commonly known as gene chip, DNA chip, biochip or high-density matrices) is a
set of microscopic DNA probes attached to a solid surface such as glass, plastic, or silicon chips
forming an array (matrix). These arrays allow simultaneous examination of the presence of many
genes within a DNA sample (which often can also represent the whole genome or the
transcriptome of an organism).
A typical use is to compare the gene expression profile of a sick individual with that of a healthy
person, to identify which genes are involved in the disease.
It allows to detect, in a very precise way, the expression of one or more genes in certain subjects
and/or species.
In molecular biology, the abbreviation RFL (restriction fragment length polymorphism) is used to
indicate two distinct concepts:
a characteristic of the DNA molecules that allows to distinguish them from one another, thanks to
the differences in the nucleotide sequences that compose them;
the laboratory technique that exploits these characteristics to compare the various DNA
This technique is used in the creation of genetic imprints and paternity tests.
CRISPR (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats) is the name given to DNA
segments containing short repetitive sequences, discovered within prokaryotic cells (in the past,
the term was Short Regularly Spaced Repeats, abbreviated as SRSR). Each repetition is followed by
short fragments of DNA "spacer" generated by a past exposure of the bacterium to virus
bacteriophages or plasmids (small circular DNA molecule, independent and separated from other
DNA). The biological function and the importance of CRISPR have been revealed by the discovery
of the existence of a gene complex associated with such sequences, called Cas (CRISPR-
associated), able to encode for presumed nuclease and helicase proteins, which are enzymes
capable of cutting DNA. In this way, the CRISPR/Cas association constitutes a prokaryotic immune
system that confers resistance against extraneous genetic elements such as plasmids and phages
and thus, provides a sort of acquired immunity. The "spacer" sequences of CRISPR recognize and
cut these extraneous elements with a mechanism like the RNA interference of eukaryotic
organisms (animals, mushrooms, plants). Because of these characteristics, the CRISPR/Cas system
has been used for genetic engineering (adding, removing, changing the sequence of specific genes)
and for the gene regulation of many species. By bringing the Cas9 protein and the appropriate
guide RNAs (gRNAs) into cells, the organism's genome can be cut at any point extremely precisely
~ 8 ~
and with a simple technique that requires relatively inexpensive equipment. Furthermore, CRISPR
has been modified to create programmable transcription factors that allow the activation or
silencing of specific genes.
CRISPR paves the way for many applications, including altering the genetic footprint of humans
and livestock and the genetic manipulation of crops, but potential prospects for this powerful
method raise important ethical issues. This technique will make it possible to create real copies, to
be edited as a sort of book, of the entire genome of an individual and/or species, giving the
possibility of some additions, eliminations, corrections-changes, of DNA segments.
Finally, a summary view could be given to the various species of hominids and their evolution and
to the species of solitary and/or semi-social bees Xylocopa (carpenter bees), cited in the second
part of the text, and object of personal studies for about 20 years.
The basic operations of '''boarding''' information have been completed.
Now all that remains is to read this small but incredible personal mind-travel.
~ 9 ~
Origin: the tetra wooded savannah.
The story of stories could start right in the place where the biological ancestors of our species
originated (Homo sapiens).
The hypothetical place of origin of our ancestors (Homo erectus, H. ergaster) is a wooded
savannah adjacent to a tropical forest located in the African area today including these territories:
south of the state of Somalia; north of the state of South Africa; east of the territories of Congo,
Zaire, Uganda, etc., bordered by the great Indian Ocean to the east.
In this wide area, probably occurred a first event of colonization-migration by the nascent modern
humans, who progressively moved from the dense forests towards the open spaces of the
savannah. It could also have happened the inverse, that is a progressive reduction of the forest
environments and concomitant increase of the prairie-grassy ones.
The fact is that the final result does not change; there was certainly a human (or pre-human)
ecological migratory event, from the "closed" forest ecosystem to the "open" savannah
The savannah obviously presupposed a strong acceleration of group life and organization within
the same group, as they were in a full opened spaces, with numerous predators at work, both in
the daytime and at night, both social and solitary predators.
This certainly caused a strong pressure to the social organization of the first groups of modern
humans, who, in this way, could better defend themselves from the various species of predators,
but could also better use the resources that the savannah offered, such as hunting, insects and
similar, grains, plants, tubers, roots, etc.
This phase led to a marked increase in the capacity for aggregation, socialization and
communication that underlie the creation of a complex and organized community, in order to live
better in open environments such as the African wooded savannah.
Obviously in this situation, stress levels were very high, because predators are everywhere, both
nocturnal and diurnal predators, both predators organized in society (equipped with a systematic
hunting behaviours) and solitary (with hunting systems based on ambush and pursuit).
This certainly compressed as much as possible the time available for any activity outside the
collection and/or hunting of food and surveillance against the predators themselves.
~ 10 ~
Vincenzo {Placebo} Genoveses artwork.
~ 11 ~
Even the hours devoted to sleep had to be decidedly poor and of poor quality because the levels
of night-time alert remained very important, often interrupting sleep.
Therefore, despite the advanced social organization and the level of communication already
clearly superior to the other mammals of the savannah, our ancestors of the genus Homo, still
experienced a very strong compression of the time they could devote to the surrounding
environment if not for purely food purposes and/or defence (against co-specific groups or rival
tribes and/or predators).
It was urgent to expand the time to devote to the study of the surrounding environment;
something that would result in a large decrease of the time spent on surveillance and
consequently a clear increase and improvement of intra-tribal social relations.
~ 12 ~
The role of fire: look towards the firmament.
The solution??? Obvious: the fire!!! Or rather, his conscious management.
In what sense, the fire caused the collapse of stress levels of the first Homo erectus and H.
ergaster of savannah?
How would it have caused an expansion of the time spent studying the surrounding environment,
beyond the simple use for immediate survival (search for food, hiding places, elements necessary
for the construction of tools, etc.)?
Well, the fire has always accompanied human evolution, whether it came from fires caused by
extreme temperatures, or originated by lightning, volcanic eruptions or gaseous emissions (ex.
methane) from the ground and/or muddy swampy bottoms without oxygen, the fact is the fire
was one of the many natural phenomena well known to man but not controllable.
The origin of the fire at the beginning was almost certainly attributed to supernatural events by
humans; it could have come from the sky in the form of thundering lightning, or from the
''bowels'' of the earth (roaring volcanic eruptions, anoxic swamps, methanogenic ponds), from the
association of the phenomena, or even spontaneous and sudden generation due to the dry and
prolonged extreme heat in some areas.
The two key characteristics of the fire were:
night heating and lighting;
remove - keep away predators and animals.
Subsequently, was also discovered the fire property to make food (from harvesting and/or
hunting) more digestible, assimilable, healthy and tasty, a multiple factor with huge impact on
human health and cognition evolution.
It is not known who, and in what way, captured, managed, preserved and reproduced the fire for
the first time, nor is it known from which source the first fire was derived, as it is not even known
if it was only one innovation handed down and spread via culture or numerous parallel events in
different areas of the globe and in different times.
In one way or another, however, the fire settled in the culture of the progenitor species of Homo
sapiens and very quickly shaped its time management.
The one who first began to actively manage the fire, most likely was endowed with mental and
emotional abilities well above the average of other humans, certainly took a small burning ember
or with modest quantities of flames still alive.
Once the first fireplace was stabilized, very quickly it was learned that the simple transport of the
~ 13 ~
firebrands could allow the conservation, management, strengthening and reproduction of the fire,
making it transportable, reproducible and therefore sustainable.
When the use of fire became progressively safer and more efficient, a very remarkable result was
obtained, that is, the definitive or almost permanent disappearance of any nocturnal danger, since
the fire was able to keep distant large animals and predators (solitary or social).
Basically, as the number of seasons during which it was no longer necessary to watch over one's
life against the predators, there was an incessant and geometric increase of time removed from
vigilance and dedicated to deep sleep, social interactions, exploration of the surrounding world for
purposes not for survival only.
Also in this phase probably happened the most important event, the constant and relaxed
observation of the firmament during the nights.
The fire was, as mentioned, in all probability attributed to the supernatural both for meteoric and
underground events; in a short time it consistently increased the observation of nature by
humans, who very quickly began to frame, allocate and organize in the sphere of the Sacred,
everything he was unable to grasp and conceptualize with his hand and mind.
It is obvious that a strong strengthening of these activities was now necessary; activities that took
place thanks to the fire and its infinite power of stress eradication; activities that were the object
of a violent increase in communication ability just in front to a fireplace systems for the tribe
What could have been the strengthening factor of this phase of genesis of the Sacred, mediated by
Simple!! H. erectus - H. ergaster, were no longer forced to look incessantly around to monitor the
surrounding space against possible predators, but increasingly raised their eyes to the sky, starting
to have a limitless amount of time to wonder how their environment is boundless.
But this was only the first and isolated piece; other prehistoric components were needed to
generate a ''Sustainable Sacred'', self-replicating and durable.
~ 14 ~
Monica Mancusis artwork.
~ 15 ~
Genesis of the Sacred.
The fire created a considerable expansion of the time that the pre-humans spent studying the
surrounding universe, having been partly freed from the night terrors of the beasts.
The firmament certainly immediately attracted the human attention more than anything else, and
in it, all the main observable elements, such as stars, moon, meteors, etc.
The extraordinary event was that the fire gave the opportunity to communicate in a relaxed way
all that was observed, concerning both subsistence (procurement of food and water, identification
of shelters, etc.), and the surveys of the characteristics of the territory adjacent to the settlement
of the tribe. The quantity and the quality of the information that the pre-humans of the same tribe
exchanged, became exponentially increasing according to the enhanced state of security thanks to
nocturnal fireplaces.
In such circumstances, of course, personal differences emerged between the various members of
the tribe, differences that were related to the quality and form of the communication itself.
In essence, immediately emerged people-personalities with communicative skills well above the
average. These subjects very quickly assumed the role of a key figure in the presentation of facts,
in the management of communication and, just as quickly, also and above all, in the interpretation
of natural facts.
The figure of the proto-priest was practically being born.
These proto-priest figures certainly had both higher IQ and communicative capacity than the
average of humans, and perhaps felt more strongly than others, of a side effect of the
development and strengthening of nocturnal tribal fireplaces: quantity and quality of sleep.
Together with the improvement of intra-tribal communication and the quality and quantity of the
time devoted to the study of the universe, the fire caused a more than exponential increase of a
third factor: sleep. Probably the sleep enhancement was one of the most important impulses in
increasing human brain performance.
Minds that thanks to fire, they processed data so far only very marginally considered. This synergy
of events plausibly led to an over-structuring of thoughts, both in dreamlike phase and not,
related to natural phenomena not readily explained.
Night dreams represented the link between the tangible and the non-tangible world that was
emerging thanks to the fire-sleep-communication interaction mediated by proto-priests.
The last element, but not from the chronological point of view, nor from the point of view of
importance, was the use of drugs in this context.
~ 16 ~
The drugs derived from plants, have been known for a long time, both as remedy for diseases
and/or injuries, both as enhancers of psycho-physical abilities despite levels of calories per day
very low, a kind of primordial doping.
Drugs, probably in same context of nocturnal fireplaces, underwent a radical change of use; the
aim to lower stress levels resulting from hunger and/or malnutrition was increasingly
accompanied by creating trance states with which to experiment in a more in-depth and non-
dreamlike way, the unexplained and/or non-tangible realities of the world.
This experimentation was probably massively performed by the proto-priests, who therefore had a
second weapon (in addition to the oratory charisma) to hold the power of knowledge within the
tribe: the knowledge of the inexplicable.
~ 17 ~
Monica Mancusis artwork.
~ 18 ~
Death and loss of loved ones: the awareness of a finite existence.
All the above phenomena (dilation of the time devoted to study and communication in the
broadest sense; quantity and quality of sleep; proto-priests tribal role; drugs) led as an inevitable
consequence, to put the accent more and more marked on death, on its meaning, on the
elaboration of the continuous loss of co-tribal, co-owners and the awareness of having a path of
In fact, death was for the first time perceived and elaborated as a highly impacting element of
individual emotionality; this happened precisely because humans had an available quantity of
time, not dedicated to instincts, truly ad-libitum compared to previous generations. This caused a
real primordial processing of mourning, with a whole series of cascading consequences that
determined the emergence of new properties-characteristics of the human intellect.
Death was for the first time seen and suffered as a natural phenomenon imposed and perhaps
unjust, against which to fight. Death, particularly of the nearest members of the tribe (relatives
and assimilates), caused strong and decisive emotional wounds, amplified by the amount of time
and quality of sleep. The greater was the time spent on instinctual activities, the lower was the
emotional impact caused by the disappearance of a neighbour co-tribal. The greater was the time
spent on instinctual activities, the less was the role attributed to death in determining the
individual life path.
With the self-awareness of death, with the management of the increasingly frequent emotional
wounds caused by the loss of the co-tribal members, and not less, with the understanding of a
finite path of life for everyone, the proto-priest equipped themselves with the primary set of key-
arguments with which to maintain, even more firmly, the community cohesive and united on a not
tangible objective (therefore utopian), fascinating, horrifying and certainly not verifiable; this
process increased almost limit-less the proto-priest position within the group.
In this phase of human evolution, the groups were roughly infinite and inter-tribal exchanges were
certainly limited, particularly among the more distant ones.
It is rather plausible therefore that such cognitive-evolutionary processes have occurred many
times and in different ways, in various geographical districts of the primordial range of the
ancestors of modern humans at the time of the fire "domestication-management".
So soon the proto-priests proposed themselves as natural mediators-interpreters between the
"world of unexplained natural phenomena & of death" and the "world of the tribe" in which they
~ 19 ~
Monica Mancusis artwork.
~ 20 ~
Hierarchical functional polytheism was certainly ubiquitous, with many variations on the theme
that were difficult to understand and/or completely-fully imaginable.
All the steps had been taken for the genesis of the concept of a supernatural sentient entity, or
GOD (the IOTE of Tetanic Crystal), both accompanied by numerous co-representatives (equal or
not) and solitary (or about); GOD, or rather its concept, had the way paved-levelled-smoothed for
diffusion within prehistoric human civilizations.
A historical and particularly relevant step was that of Egyptian emperor Akhenaton.
In practice it is possible to trace back to this emperor the first true and proper monotheistic
configuration of GOD.
Akhenaton instituted monotheism, placing the Sun GOD or Aton, in the first and exclusive plan,
and himself as a direct descendant.
In this historical event, in fact, are contained the set of key elements that will characterize all the
subsequent monotheistic religions to date, namely:
unique GOD; a Human Being as direct son of GOD.
~ 21 ~
Concept of free will to support Humans.
In this way, the concept of the unique GOD was born, together with the concept of creation of
man by means of this GOD. And then, GOD builds Humans more or less in HIS image and likeness.
In essence and in one fell swoop, man was able to self-refer a divine, omnipotent, eternal and
omniscient builder, who would build it by replicating its transcendental characteristics in a
carnal and earthly copy.
Obviously, whatever is being designed-built by the divine, or even its own children-descendent,
should not show any trace of fallacy or fallibility, first of all it should not exhibit any defect in the
disciplinary observance typical and characteristic of the GOD who generated them, but, as it is to
all known, man is grossly imperfect and, because of his ''disability'' to be disciplined, he is
absolutely and ridiculously weak.
Therefore, would GOD have designed such a mistake???
Obviously, a correction to this theoretical-mechanistic incompatibility was required in the bond
between << One GOD - Son Human >>. The only way that could leave intact the charisma and
divine perfection was free will. In practice, GOD to affirm even more his level of perfection,
decided a priori to endow his beloved creature, his son, with an absolutely new characteristic: the
ability to choose his own way regardless of the level of knowledge and individual or collective
ability to discern good vs. evil.
Free will endowed humans with critical and self-regulation skills, which in some aspects elevated
him to entities even equal or superior to his creator; but at the same time he provided the man
with the best possible alibi in order to continue to be what he has always been: a sinister-grim
living being dedicated to subverting rules and disciplines to make his way through the society he
had created and organized.
~ 22 ~
Atheology as the maximum expression of culture but coarsely
compressed in a ridiculous time frame.
Therefore, a complete transcendental scheme-formula has been established that frees humans
from nihilistic and potentially destabilizing and/or self-destructive questions, such as those on the
ultimate meaning of life and its possible duration; a scheme-formula that, however, as
hypothesized and described, arises from a clear and voluntary misrepresentation of natural,
biological, physiological and human neuro-metabolic phenomena.
Virtually a fake; or at least completely a false and/or neuro-artefact when it was conceived.
As soon as some free and isolated thinkers-naturalists-scholars-philosophers, were able to
accumulate enough quantities of observation of natural phenomena, the first problems of
sustainability of the transcendental scheme-formula arose.
In practice, the greater was the amount of knowledge of some individuals, the greater was their
open mental management of such knowledge, and this led to an increase in the instability of the
GOD concept and supernatural elements-entities. But nothing could be organized-conducted
without an ancient and well rooted organization as the monotheist ones. Any attempt to question
the monotheistic axioms was simply swept away by the total negligence of the humans himself,
who had, and absolutely needed, of a transcendental dimension, in order to create and maintain a
stable and orderly socio-cultural-economic organization. Moreover, the role of complete
dominator played by monotheists over the past 3,000 years is undoubted.
The proto-non-believers, despite having guessed the initial error, were completely not able to
impose and divulge the correct vision to the people. They represented and perhaps represent, the
highest human cultural expression, but they had no stable foundation for erecting a new absolute
truth, a new scheme-formula. Unfortunately, however, the same atheists are grossly and
ridiculously mistaken about the transcendental and the GOD concept.
They are at least as bad as the monotheists.
Both visions of life start from human reasoning, and then ridiculously and poorly reduced to:
-) one brain;
-) one or a few civilizations;
-) an historical period of time;
-) only one form of technology;
-) a static form of ethics.
~ 23 ~
As long as you remain locked up in such a '''multidimensional hypercube''' of flat human
reasoning, you will never understand the concept of GOD as it really is and will be.
The conception of existence, and of the true GOD essence, must absolutely go beyond the state of
simple, ultra-simplified, and crude human schemes of ethics, technology, sociology.
A very important first step would certainly be to free oneself from the concept of time for a
human being or better for a human civilization.
To arrive at the understanding of the error committed by Atheists and Monotheists, we must start
from two considerations:
-) in the infinitesimal, the boundaries between entities become indistinguishable (quantum reality
of a particle-wave);
-) in the infinite, impossible events become certain!!!
It is therefore obvious that only by reasoning with a time that can be approximated to infinity, it
will be possible to grasp the nuances of what has been GOD and will be GOD.
But now let's go back to the original path, and get into the present day of regenerative medicine,
cybernetics, and artificial intelligence.
~ 24 ~
The era of machines and GOD.
The elements of discussion and analysis in these areas are many and, in several places, have also
been proposed by different film products (ex.: Star Trek, The Motion Picture; Transformers;
Chappie}. It can be said that a slow (now geometric) but progressive trend to create an immortal
omniscient has been going on for some decades. Let's see some salient elements without going
into details.
Social media web & big data analysis. - Social media is a master key to simplifying access to the
second web revolution. This revolution is based on the free labour-supply of the entire world
population, creating a mass of data of historical dimensions, per unit of time. The more social
media will spread and the more all global users will intertwine between them and in them, and the
greater will be the volume of data present and usable on the web. On the one hand this will allow
the emergence of new socio-cognitive properties, on the other it will push more and more
towards an infinitely large computing power in order to process the data collection in a useful
way. "Socio-cognitive properties" were mentioned. What are? In practice they represent the
precocious birth in some users, of new faculties of organization and vision of reality and of the
immediate future. Concrete examples could be: Napster(and similar); Wikipedia (and similar);
BitCoin and Libra; Facebook (and similar); Crowd-founding & Social- or P2P- Lending; APP-based
business in social media ecosystem (ex.: Uber and similar). Now these are very simplistic
examples, wide-ranging and very rare compared to the world population. But if the current
progression of web social media, data production, analysis and penetration (vertical and
horizontal) in the global population of social media extends to only 25-50 years, then it is well
understood that this phenomenon will become almost common, with obviously different
qualitative and/or quantitative individual abilities. The second one-point fits perfectly to the next:
big data analysis Quantum-Cloud Computing.
Quantum computer & pc cloud system. - The need for a statistical treatment, deep, sophisticated
and performing, of a myriad of data in an ever-diminishing time, will be one of the keys to this
unstoppable process of glorification of human technological capabilities. The analysis and
extraction of significant data from billions of billions of Terabytes will progressively and inexorably
cause the birth (within a few years) of the first quantum computer fully operational. The
commercial diffusion of such typologies of computer, together with the development of a cloud-
network able to efficiently support the communication of many quantum PCs, will represent the
master way to obtain a "mind" equipped with a basic capacity for omniscience.
~ 25 ~
Cecilia Fontanellas artwork.
~ 26 ~
Regenerative, aesthetic & cybernetic medicine. - This point, and the next, constitute the other
branch by which to obtain an immortal omniscient. The body of a living being, although it may be
protected both internally (diet, lifestyle, drugs, chemoprotective factors-agents, gene and
epigenetic therapy, etc.) and externally (reconstructive- reparative- replacement- surgery;
prostheses; etc.) will be however limited to the possible extension of its maximum duration. With
all the possible precautions, it will be difficult to overcome the 300-400 years of life in the coming
centuries. This obviously represents a considerable extension of the current life span, which for
Westerners is around 75-85 years of average; nevertheless, it will be a trifle towards the final goal
of almost immortality (1000 and more years). The body could be rendered quasi-immortal if and
only if the biological and anatomical parts degenerated by disease, accidents or simple aging-wear
can be gradually replaced, with parts obtained through the techniques of regenerative medicine
(stem cells). Ultimately, cybernetic and/or completely artificial prosthesis, should be used,
perfectly interfaced with the brain, in such a way as to make the artificial parts perennial (through
simple mechanical and/or computer-software maintenance). At this point, with a progressive
replacement of the damaged body areas, we will proceed towards the creation of a body that will
have characteristics of quasi-immortality.
There remains only one problem: the EGO, the Self, is not in the body but in the brain and this is
not currently replaceable.
~ 27 ~
Cecilia Fontanellas artwork.
~ 28 ~
New generation genomics on cognitive neuro-cerebral physiology. - The brain is not replaceable
and is also easily perishable since it loses neuronal cells inexorably from the earliest years of life,
without replacing them with new ones. Therefore, it seems very unlikely to be able to repair it
sufficiently so that it remains functional for hundreds of years and even retains its most complex
capabilities. Unfortunately, however, it is the brain the exact place of the functions that ultimately
are of interest for Humans to become immortal or almost. What features??? Self-awareness,
memory, conscience, in short, the individual EGO that characterizes each of us, making us unique;
let's say the '''mind'''. Now, in the brain, everything has a chemical basis; indeed, we can say that
all life (in any form and expression) has a chemical basis. If we are not able to preserve a brain
indefinitely (making it useless the possible transplantation-explantation) then perhaps we must
concentrate precisely on the conservation of those chemical factors that are at the base of the
mind, that is the EGO. What are these factors??? The whole experiential structure of an individual
probably has a chemical origin in special neuro-proteins intimately connected to the function of
medium-long term memory. In fact, if we focus on the concepts of memory, experience,
consciousness and mind, we realize that they are all elements related to memory functions or to
the sphere of memories. These neuro-proteins are the subject of scientific investigations on
several levels and now it seems certain that there is a large family of brain proteins and oligo-
peptides (a kind of mini-proteins) that perform precisely this function, i.e. medium-long term
memory {some of these proteins have a similar structure to that of prions, proteins that are found
abundantly in the brains affected by the disease of the ''mad cow'' or BSE}. Like all proteins, also
these connected to the memory function, are formed by a sequence of amino acids linked
together by bonds specific, forming a kind of chain. Therefore, each protein can be studied both in
its primary structure (amino acid sequence from the first to the last), and in the chemical
modifications that eventually the amino acids components have undergone during the
"formation" of the memory. Therefore, by gathering all the information deriving from all the
proteins of an individual connected to memory, we could obtain a sort of back-up of the
experiential information of the individual (self-awareness, memory, consciousness, mind, etc.) and
because we are already perfectly capable (since many decades) of synthesising both amino acids
(modified or not) and proteins in the laboratory, we could easily replicate the entire (or almost)
mnemonic EGO of an individual if only all the proteins in question were available. It is now very
frequent to read scientific publications in which we learn the discovery of a new type of protein
linked to memory or even to their chemical characterization and/or their specific cerebral site.
~ 29 ~
Cecilia Fontanellas artwork.
~ 30 ~
So, we are very close to the creation of a complete database on the family of these mnemonic
proteins, to their chemical characterization (amino acid sequence or primary structure, genes
responsible for regulation, chemical modifications of the amino acids themselves) and even their
exact functional localization within of the brain. Today, not only do we have more and more
refined and faster tools and technologies than a few decades ago (PCR, Real Time PCR, RFLP, DNA
microarray, electrophoresis, etc.) but even new and powerful ones have been developed such as
CRISPR/Cas9 (or more in general, Cas-family proteins). Without going into the deep of the single
analysis techniques, we can simply say that now, from a molecular point of view, the analytical
power is such as to allow the obtainment of all the information present in the proteins connected
to EGO.
The points that need further development are obviously:
1.) a micro-anatomical mapping of the cerebral sites of these proteins;
2.) the study of any other molecules that perform the complex functions of EGO.
The possible molecular candidates of the second point would certainly be the DNA molecules, or
rather the epigenetic modifications that occur on their external structure (ex.: methylation or
adding methyl groups -CH3 to the external structure of the DNA itself; etc.).
These changes are probably individual and depend on the life path of the subject like what
happens with proteins. Ultimately, the complete mapping of the EGO is only a matter of time,
technology and therefore, of funding for basic and/or applied research. Therefore, depending on
the extent of funding and the sharing or otherwise of similar research projects, one could easily
obtain an information technology system able to extract from a given individual all its essence
(consciousness, self-awareness, memory, mind), make it digital and therefore not only store it but
also duplicate it. Obviously, this would be the exact replica of the EGO until the moment when this
replica was performed. The computerization of the data related to the EGO, therefore, would also
allow easy transfer, both at a short distance (via cable, radio waves, etc.), and at a very long
distance (light).
~ 31 ~
Cecilia Fontanellas artwork.
~ 32 ~
The road to real immortality and ubiquity.
At this point of the project-discourse-scenario, we have all the elements, at least on a theoretical
level. As I wrote before, the practical plan is only a question of time, scientific means and
technology; so, it's just a question of money (financing).
Let's see what we have.
We are proceeding towards an immeasurable computing power and we are just a few steps away
from the first quantum computer. I remember that the first modern PC was made by Olivetti in
the late "50s, no more than 60 years ago. If, starting today, we project the computing power in the
next 60-120 years, it immediately appear clear that the quantum PC of infinite power will be
reality well before the 2500 a.C., probably in the next decade the first true quantum PC will emit
its initial wail and after a few more decades we will get a huge computing power. Consider then
that IBM at the beginning of 2016 released the prototype version of the first Quantum-PC Cloud-
This is Omniscience (the #O of IOTE).
By means of regenerative medicine first, and then to cybernetic, robotics, artificial intelligence, we
will obtain a complete and potentially endless series of body parts, with the simple exclusion of
the most complex areas of the brain, that is the seat of the EGO (self-awareness, consciousness,
mind, memory). These technologies are already present; they only need to be improved and
refined, as well as industrialized. I remember that the first autonomous robot of the modern era
dates to the middle of the last century and was built in a hospital in Bristol. Also, in this case,
within the next 60-120 years, the development will be complete and therefore the infinite
duration of the body will be obtained well before 2500 a.C.
This is Immortality of the body (the #I of IOTE).
Mind, memory, consciousness of the Self, in practice the EGO. This, and only this, is the topic
much more complicated, arduous, expensive, distant, compared to the two previous points; but as
seen before, it is already perfectly conceivable the technological-informatics way by which we will
be able to replicate and immortalize the individual EGO, which will always be greater and huge
majestic, thanks to the body immortality and knowledge omniscience. At the end it will be a
question of replicating and perfectly conserving the whole set of proteins connected directly and
indirectly to memory and experience.
After that, the Self will not only be storable and replicable, but also repairable and transferable.
~ 33 ~
Maddalena Casorias artwork.
~ 34 ~
This is immortality and ubiquity of the mind. This is Transcendence (the #T of IOTE). The time
horizon of such a set of technologies is not easily understood and is not even around the corner.
But I remember that the PCR was born in 1983, like the MicroArray, while the CRISPR/Cas9 only in
2013-2014. In this sector, evolution is more than geometric; in fact, DNA was fully characterized
only in the early 50 years of the past century. Therefore, even if it may seem incredible, within 60-
120 years we could already have in our grasp the set of technologies designed to achieve
immortality and ubiquity of the mind; however, the 2500 a.C. seems unthinkable distant, given the
progress of biotechnology.
Summing up.
Within 120 years or so, we will be able to have:
-) an unfinished computing power, thanks to the super quantum PCs in a complete integrated
-) a body with virtually infinite physical life, thanks to cybernetic-robotic parts;
-) an archive that can be updated in real time, of your own Self, which can be transformed into
information that can be stored, replicated, repaired and transferred;
-) a total interface between the three elements summarized above.
All this process, once made perfectly stable and industrialized, could leave the laboratories and
the control of lobbies, and become heritage of the whole humanity, first of the richest, then after
for all humans.
A series of omniscient individuals, immortal in body and mind and potentially multiple and
What would be the difference with GOD or with a GOD???
And once this evolutionary stage is obtained, let's say in 2150-2250 a.C., how will the following
centuries be???
It's incredible! It is incredible how a group of Human Beings, in front of the first controlled fires,
misinterprets natural phenomena, creating the embryonic essence of GOD and transcendence.
This embryonic essence makes them far more powerful than other humans.
GOD spreads, prevails and conquers all humanity.
The cultural and technological progress increase the distances between Humans and GOD
concept, which is repudiated and relocated to a mere interpretation error.
~ 35 ~
This category of Humans, however, is not able to spread in humanity, remaining basically a niche.
The impetuous advent of industrial, biological, computer, and informatics technologies, then leads
to the emergence of an indefinite series of functional GODs, the ultimate terminal evolution of
Human Beings.
After some decades or centuries passed in this evolutionary stage, the multi-GODs system will
almost certainly collapse, but this will be illustrated in the final paragraph.
What could be the key signals that are actually proceeding in this direction???
~ 36 ~
Dario Tironis artwork. Dancer 2019, assembly of objects, paint, resin cm 170x47x40.
~ 37 ~
GOD Wailing.
There are many elements that could trigger a vertiginous surge in the convergence of
biotechnology, informatics and technology (unawares in the first phase) to the creation of a
functional GOD. Meanwhile, as we learned in early 2016, some Chinese and American companies
have already built-assembled a model of super-PC that we could define pre-quantum.
The research in the fields of A.I. (Artificial Intelligence), virtual reality and robotics are increasingly
merging into a single and integrated system.
The gene editing biotechnology CRISPR/Cas systems is very recent and will bear its hyperbolic
fruits for sure in the next decade.
There are many possible "wailing" types, indeed very many, as can be seen.
But probably the key-push will come from something more tangible, lower and more connected to
everyday life.
I think that the start could be born in the medical-preventive-aesthetic field. I think specifically
about women and precisely about breast cosmetic surgery.
In fact, for some decades, the percentage of western women who use aesthetic (or presumed as
such) improvements of the breast has become increasingly greater. Consider that the breast has
always been one of the key elements of the human sexual sphere, of considerable attractive
power over males; moreover it is one of the pivotal elements on which the intra-sexual
competition female vs. female is based; finally, it is the connecting element between the new-
born and the maternal role, both in a personal sense and in a social sense. However, together with
the uterus and ovaries, the breast is one of the primary targets of cancer in women and today
important diagnostic molecular methods have also been developed to correctly assess the
probability of the occurrence of a breast cancer after 30-40 years.
How will these elements be joined in order to create the GOD wailing???
"Vanity" vs. "to be & show yourself" vs. "fear of dying" (= fear of cancer and/or suffering).
The explanation is as follows.
Within a few years, very rigorous and reliable genetic tests will be available, and that will allow us
to accurately estimate the probability of breast cancer. The women who will be positive for the
test will have two choices: repeated and expensive checks; breast preventive removal (some cases
of preventive removal have in fact already occurred for several years).
Obviously, a young woman or a career woman, that considerably postpones the age of the first
conception, will seriously feel threatened her ability to breastfeed, perhaps irretrievably lost.
~ 38 ~
Therefore a '''new-need pocket'' will be created in the female population towards a new
conception of breast implants, which should not only have aesthetic and/or reconstructive post-
ablation characteristics but must be fully functional to the primordial role: breastfeeding. The
robotic cybernetic technology will be increasingly pressed to make perfectly mechanized breast
implants interfaced with the brain, which will perform very well the baby's nursing function.
This type of intervention will be specifically requested by those who will have high risks of cancer.
Subsequently (a few years/decades later) it will become an impressively impetuous trend among
women, establishing a violent and unstoppable custom-mode, no longer connected to
reconstructive, aesthetic and preventive elements.
The wail of GOD will be established as follows: "when the first woman, without medical reasons,
will replace her breasts with prostheses also perfectly functional for breastfeeding, the machine
age will begin''' {see an alternative, and not exclusive, way of GOD Wailing}.
Now it is interesting to go to the functional sides concerning the various main forms of
transcendence present on planet Earth.
~ 39 ~
Vincenzo {Placebo} Genoveses artwork.
~ 40 ~
Multiple Avatar and Reincarnation. Gods & Demons. Monotheism vs.
Polytheism vs. Atheism. Exoplanets.
The implications of this long, tortuous, chilling and paradoxical path are extremely interesting in
my view. Let us consider reincarnation. This phenomenon is present in different forms and
articulated in at least 4-5 different religions and/or transcendent movements: Buddhism;
Hinduism; Jewish Kabbalah; Manichaeism; Proto-Christianity. When the elements of reincarnation
were codified, they were obviously totally based on impossible and unworkable mental constructs,
the result of simple metaphysical digressions by those who, centuries and centuries ago,
conceptualized reincarnation itself. However, with the machine era and the advent of complete
omniscience, immortality and multiple ubiquity, we realize very quickly that reincarnation is
nothing more than a simple technological derivative, a trivial extension of the ability to transfer
the Self in more of a body simultaneously and/or consecutively over time. Reincarnation, in a form
like the original or even very different, is therefore perfectly possible in the light of the elements
described here. This would be a set, sequential and/or in parallel, of multiple avatars containing
the same "mental" information coming from a single starting individual. These multiple avatars
could be constantly connected to each other, in order to share in real-time or almost, extremely
different experiences, increasing the power of the original EGO.
On the dualism GODs vs. Demons the question is extremely simple. Each individual has his own
characteristic inclination, conformed both on the basis of previous experiences and on the basis of
individual genetics - epigenetics. So, in the era of multiple machines or GODs, there will be
individuals with marked tendencies to war, to domination, to violent conquest, and individuals
with marked inclinations aimed at the growth of knowledge alone. Physical confrontations among
these GODs for control or simply for defense are not to be excluded. Therefore, the Demons or
evil GODs are also the result of remote inventions but will prove to be correct in the age of
machines or multiple GODs.
But then, ultimately and on the basis of what is written in these pages, who has the reason on his
side about the existence of GOD:
~ 41 ~
Dario Tironis artwork."The white venus" 2016, , assembly of objects, paint, resin cm 60x40x188.
~ 42 ~
Everyone is right, but they have mistakenly regarding the timing. The most fallacious and coarse
ones are the Atheists, who have very quickly denied the existence of the transcendent, and rightly,
but in the least they have not understood the humans, their potentialities, and technology
produced by them; atheists were right in their initial phase about Human-GOD, but they will be
grossly in error for the rest of eternity, or at least as long as the era of the machines will last. The
position of Polytheists and Monotheists? Both arise from imaginative and erroneous
misinterpretations of natural phenomena within human protocultures, inventing a universe of
super-men absolutely non-existent and therefore based on nothingness, or rather, based on
something that in the moment in which it was conceived not only did not exist, but it was not even
possible. But then, with the hyperbolic progress of the Human Being, everything that they
imagined and codified will becomes reality. In practice Polytheists and Monotheists were in error
in their initial phase, but then they will have fully right for the rest of eternity, or at least until the
era of the machines will last. However, since an uncontrolled myriad of GODs is predictable, it can
be attributed even greater correctness to the polytheistic hypothesis than the monotheistic one.
This preliminary conclusion would seem almost absurd, with the atheists absolutely more
fallacious than all, followed by the monotheists, even surpassed by the polytheists; the era of
multiple GODs subverts all current scientific beliefs about the basic construct of religions and the
existence-concept of GOD. All the religions GOD-based are easily overcome by religious
movements who believe in reincarnation, especially Buddhism and Hinduism. The point of view of
the Animist movements is interesting, referring to the presence of a "soul" not only in living
beings, but also and especially in the non-living elements that surround the life of the tribes,
including natural phenomena. The animist movements therefore appear as the primordial neuro-
environmental conglomeration in which religious movements, based on the complex structuring
of GODs or of a single GOD, were born. The animist movements are certainly correct in attributing
and identifying a soul (mind + individual experience + tribal or social experience + genome) to the
living, but they inexorably wrong in recognizing this characteristic even to non-living entities.
Furthermore, by not providing any form of supernatural beings, these movements are extremely
and trivially oversimplified with respect to the complex network of human neuro-mental needs.
In the final part of this chapter, two brief considerations must be made:
the first concerns intelligent life beyond the Earth;
the second concerns the essence and existence of the devil or demon.
~ 43 ~
The presence of the planets is now a phenomenon established almost around every star of the
Universe. Indeed, every star has a range of two to nine planets around it. Thus, the number of
planets in the whole Universe is virtually two to nine times the total number of stars; impossible to
write and pronounce if not with exponential notation. Then, if we add to this number also that of
the moons orbiting around the planets and equipped with liquid fluids (water, methane, etc.)
and/or atmosphere and volcanism, we reach a truly monstrously infinite number or almost (see
the moons Enceladus, Europa, IO, Titano present in our Solar System). This means that the
probability that in the Universe there have been and/or there are technological civilizations is
virtually certain. Now, most probably the era of multiple machines or GODs has already taken
place in some planets far from ours. These civilizations have already given rise to the creation of
GOD, but the immensity of the cosmos has not yet brought us into contact, and this will perhaps
never happen precisely because of the distances.
The devil ... what to say about this limit entity between the transcendental plane and the tangibly
human plane? If there is an absolute error in identifying an entity as transcendental it is certainly
Satan or the devil. One of the key motivations that led to his invention was probably to provide a
malicious protester of the codified GOD. But basically, what is the devil really??? Very simply it is a
man, indeed, it is inherent in every man, when he loses faith and hope completely and acquires
the absolute certainty of eternal end of life; anyone would turn into a mad demon if placed under
these three boulders. The only thing that stops men without hope, without faith and without any
conception of the transcendent, is represented by the set of social and civil rules to which they
must undergo, on pain of exclusion from society, otherwise their free will would be able to reach
unprecedented levels of hatred and horror. Examples could be borrowed from the large mass
murderers at the head of the various totalitarian governments of the last two centuries. They
would have much, indeed very much, to teach a hypothetical Satan. Just imagine a man, alone,
isolated, abandoned, devoid of all hope and faith and with the daily certainty that he will die, and
his end will be absolute, total and eternal, so you will easily get a satanic concentrate. Therefore, if
it is endowed with power (local or global, political or social), then the KING of Evil will soon be
~ 44 ~
Dario Tironis artwork. “Donna al telefono” 2017, assembly of objects, paint, resin cm 50x167x37.
~ 45 ~
Love and Knowledge. The roots of GOD? Collapse hypothesis.
All this will end. This horde of GODs around the cosmos, omniscient, multiple, ubiquitous,
immortal, will collapse. The irreverently funny point is that I wrote this chapter, just as a fuse of
the present lucid and chilling vision of this technological hyper-hysteria. Therefore, I want to bring
it back exactly as it was born.
... It was an October morning (I think about 10:00 a.m.) and I went to work. I was thinking about
how many turning points my simple life had undergone and I thought of one of the many broken
promises: '''I will never stop studying solitary bees (Xylocopa)'''.
Well, even my statement fell into error, because at the end of 2008-2010 I found myself really
unable to continue my studies on these bees. It should be noted that the study of those bees was
undertaken well before the university, more or less in 1985/1986. In the end, however, in autumn
2008, a different element had also crept into it, contributing to the definitive end of the studies,
an element that I later discovered as a recurrent in my life. In practice I had reached the maximum
of my exploratory possibilities in the field of biology of these species of bees. I could have
improved these studies only if I had been hired permanently in one research structure, which
didn't happen, and it all ended.
However, this is also what happened with other immoderate passions that have overwhelmed my
life: tennis; Formula One championship; poker. These had all undergone the same evolutionary
process: I had reached the maximum of my possibilities; it was only necessary to complete it with
practice. Practice in the sense that I never played tennis, but I knew the innermost micro-details; I
never raced in the car, but I knew all the technical specifications of a race, both in terms of cars
and driving; never made a game of poker but I played virtually through TV. By the way, in those
periods, lasted years, I watched only those three disciplines on TV (relaxation-entertainment
activity); no other programs interested me. The excessive love I felt for these activities weakened
as I reached the precise knowledge of themselves activities. But a mind-meditation was born while
I continued the way to go to work: if I had continued in the study of any of the 4 activities listed
above, and if I had the opportunity to be correctly inserted into a research facility, or in a
professional poker circuit, etc., I would have obtained the extinguishing of the fire of love towards
those activities??? This necessitated a more careful and profound reasoning, because it was
decidedly banal, reductive and simplistic to answer that certainly love would not have weakened
but only increased; a sort of ideological-idealist conclusion type. But these elements must be
interpreted, read and understood not only in their essence, but also and above all in the correct
~ 46 ~
temporal context. The consequences of that mind-deepening were decidedly dramatic and led to
the slide-image that accompanies this writing (see cover image).
If I had been correctly placed in a research institute and had been provided with ad libitum
resources to carry out those activities, I would certainly have been animated by an immoderate
love passion, because I would have done nothing but increase the quantity and quality of
knowledge on the topic; quantity & quality of knowledge generated other love, all in a virtuous
vice of passion. But how long??? A life certainly would have been very long; probably some of
those 4 passions would not have come "alive-intact" after a few decades of strong studies. But
also, the strongest and most immoderate of the passions, how many decades could It last before
arriving at a blind side of knowledge(?) ... a side or point beyond which it is not possible to go due
to the duration of life itself, but also because of technological-scientific impediments??? But I
continued on, and thought:
'''if I had no imminent impediments in the duration of life??? ... if my life would last unchanged
and in good health for 500 or 1000 years, what would happen to the strongest of passions after
1000 years of study and knowledge??? '''
Probably, indeed certainly, my interest would become progressively void as I would have reached
the maximum possible knowledge on the subject.
By further dilating the available time and multiplying it for several men, I would get it quickly
(and over the course of a few centuries...), a truly incredible wisdom on any discipline, passion,
science and so on.
And if I bring the time to infinity??? What would happen to human passions??? What would
happen to love for topics, sciences, things, people, etc.???
In the true sense of the word ANYTHING.
The total and exhaustive knowledge of subjects, sciences, things, people, etc., over a really long
period of time (about infinite) would certainly lead to the motivational collapse of humans
towards the element of his love. Love, fed by a partial knowledge, would be progressively
increased as knowledge grows; but as the total and exhaustive knowledge of the source of love
approaches, an irreversible annihilation of love itself would be achieved, abandoning to total
oblivion of desire the object-subject which originally had triggered the virtuous vice of knowledge.
~ 47 ~
But all this was not enough for me and I decided to go further, above, beyond and all-in the wings
of J. Livingston. Let us assume that we are a man endowed with infinite life and an initial passion
for every field of knowledge, for all objects, subjects and phenomena of the entire Universe.
What would happen???
Well, if the part is equal to the whole and the whole is like its single parts .... if so small, so large ...
if in heaven as in the earth ... then the answer is simple: given an infinite time, a Human Being
would achieve (together with the work of his fellows) a complete and exhaustive level of
knowledge in all areas of knowledge, quickly causing the natural termination of love for everything
and for the whole.
But who is the hypothetical man with infinite life and infinite knowledge???
The hypothetical man is HIM.
Precisely HIM, according to the most peoples of this planet, the Entity that knows everything
always and forever. But HE cannot escape from a such love agony.
HE cannot contrast the immense power of the infinite passing of time.
HE has always known everything, and it will be forever.
Therefore, it is possible to conclude that love in HIM is absent.
Moreover, love in HIM has always been absent, since it has reached full knowledge of everything.
GOD is a perfect machine of knowledge but completely stripped of love and stripped from an
indefinitely distant time.
Total and infinite knowledge has completely annihilated love in HIM.
But without love there is no push for knowledge; there is total immobility towards the exploration
of the Whole.
But if I already know all everything of the WHOLE???
Here then. I came to a crossroads where, from a ridiculous consideration of the ME, I passed to a
series of ridiculous considerations of the set of sets.
'''GOD is an eternal crystal of arid and disappointed disinterestedness towards the EVERYTHING,
towards the WHOLE.
The neglect that GOD shows towards the Universe and towards humans, could be explained by the
fact that HE already knows always everything forever and forever, having exhausted therefore in
the bud, the interest towards his own Creation.
GOD would appear as a very precocious abortion of love, caused by the boundless knowledge of
~ 48 ~
An infinite level of knowledge has led HIM to an inexhaustible and tetanic cosmic depression,
making HIM an inert transparent stone.
GOD is a colossal mass of knowledge but endowed with an infinitesimal dimension of love.
HE is stopped, inert, waiting for the final collapse???
GOD is temporarily dead, and it will remain in this suspended state until it returns consistently
Humans are an attempt by GOD specifically made to increase HIS ignorance and return to the
Love, as a function of knowledge, is zero, when knowledge tends to infinity...
It was 10:11 a.m. and I got to work.
GOD, whatever form he has, cannot survive itself.
Collapse is a geometrically increasing function that starts as soon as GOD is born,
corroding HE with an unprecedented violence and virulence.
~ 49 ~
Dario Tironis artwork. "Untitled" 2014, assembly of objects, paint, resin, cm 132x40x32.
~ 50 ~
GOD light & darkness of DARK EGO.
GOD is usually associated with strong glow, light, incandescence, the Sun and similar luminous
phenomena. GOD is related with such phenomena both in a conscious and unconscious state,
both in a trance and in a dream state. Moreover, HE is also accosted at these images by the
overwhelming majority of human cultures who believe in a transcendent Universe.
But GOD is truly comparable to light??? Is HE really light???
I believe that there are substantial problems, or, in any case, I perceive it. Direct light can be a
source of temporary visual problems, as it blinds, immobilises, makes the entire surrounding of
the light source opaque and not visible/perceptible; if this light source is noticeable in intensity, it
risks not to perceive anything else!!! In the known universe then there is a problem: light needs
resources to be able to generate itself, simply it is not sustainable for ever. This means that the
light is subject to entropy; in conditions of decreasing resources and constantly increasing entropy,
light can progressively only decline and die. However powerful the light may be at the beginning
and during its life, sooner or later it will experience an inexorable decline, destructed by entropy.
So not only the light is not positive, but it tends inexorably to perish. Therefore, light is subject to
time and its time is marked by the resources consumed by light to generate itself. A not secondary
problem is that the light does not turn out to be the most powerful phenomenon in the
Universe. It is well known that, in the current state of knowledge, light is the fastest phenomenon
of the universe.
But there is a phenomenon that is able not only to capture the light, but to annihilate it!!! These
are black holes or black stars. They are bodies endowed with a mass and a density so high, to
come out from the "normal" canons of physics and be indicated as "singularity". This concentrate
mass determines a gravitational field of attraction so intense as to bend the light, attract it to
yourself and, do not let it go out!!! The very few photons that come out have an energy reduced
to zero or almost!!! Virtually if the light meets a black hole during his fast run, dies forever!!!
Moreover, in close proximity to the black hole, time slows down to zero or almost. In some rare
cases, from the poles, the black hole emits the most powerful manifestation of energy in the
entire Universe: gamma-ray bursts. This only happens when the black hole is really hyper-massive.
In short, black holes of enormous mass would themselves create the most powerful form of light
in the entire universe. To summarize:
- Light is associated with the very essence of GOD.
~ 51 ~
- Light is not always positive, on the contrary, it may have some elements of negativity for
- Light is not eternal.
- Light is not independent of time and external resources.
- Entropy wins over the light in the long term.
- Light is outclassed in power, from the darkest bodies in the universe.
But then??? If a GOD is to be conceived, and if his features must foresee immeasurable power and
independence from time, this GOD cannot be the light!!! But HE would be a black hole or a black
star. A super-greedy body without light, which swallows everything, not releasing anything.
This conception is much closer to a demon than to a GOD. From this point of view, everything
appears unquestionably ''overturned''. The consequences are disruptive??? If GOD were truly
light, then HE would have all the characteristics of a superman, but nothing of transcendental
phenomenon. In fact, if GOD is light, HE would be subject to time, chaos and, resources would
subjugate HIM. Moreover, GOD would be overwhelmed in all and foremost by absolute darkness
(black holes), and also would die!!! If GOD was then a multiple and gloomy black hole, HE would
be very powerful, otherworldly, perhaps eternal and in any case not subjugated to time and
nothing else, but above all, HE would be the universal emblem of hyper-greed, so greedy that HE
did not even release a spark of light; indeed, the most powerful form of light of the Cosmos is
created by the largest black holes.
~ 52 ~
Final considerations.
After all this personal excursus, I think it is possible and also necessary to put in a definite key
some important points that emerge from this hyperbolic picture of the concept and existence of
GOD itself.
GOD was conceived by Humans, or better by proto-Humans, as a mistaken mental
interpretation of natural phenomena that could not be explained during prehistory.
Fire was the key element that allowed the human mind to organize the transcendent.
The organization and the structuring of the transcendent dimension have caused a positive
and constructive socio-evolutionary push in the humans, who probably has not had any
equal in the course of his evolutionary history, removing from human complex mind,
questions that cannot be resolved and that would have undermined the stability of the
mind itself, making it unproductive and chaotic.
Human monotheistic societies show the most resistant and resilient features inside all
the ecosystems, both socials and environmental.
All religious currents based on the transcendent have proved wrong in the initial
conception of GOD, and then correct in the proposition '''God exists''', but where the verb
must be conjugated to the future.
The Atheist movements are correct in the initial phase only, while falling into an inexorable
and banal error when the time axis is expanded; GOD will exist(!!) and, ironically, the
atheists themselves will build HIM.
We are a few decades away from a partial individual immortality and omniscience.
An immortal and omniscient entity (GOD or IOTE), whatever form HE has, cannot survive to
himself indefinitely.
The collapse of an immortal and omniscient entity (IOTE) is a function with geometric
increase that starts as soon as GOD is born, corroding HIM with violence and an inaudibly
rapid virulence.
GOD cannot be love, according to his omniscience and immortality. Only ignorant and
finite entities can feel love, because love, as a function of knowledge, is zero, when
knowledge tends to infinity.
~ 53 ~
Love and ignorance are two distinct sides of the same hyper-metaphorical currency; coin
produced in the phase before the mental construction of GOD and entered into disuse
when GOD became a complete IOTE.
GOD cannot be synonymous with light because light is subject to time, chaos and,
resources subjugate it; light is overwhelmed by the absolute darkness of black holes;
moreover, light will die.
GOD has very precise constitutive coordinates: infinite knowledge; null love; total absence
of light.
GOD is an evolutionary and technological step of Human species.
GOD or IOTE, is the natural result of a hyper-metaphorical & mathematical limit of a life
form, when the life form is, sentient, self-aware, not self-destructive, and endowed with
infinite knowledge; this evolutionary process can happen everywhere.
~ 54 ~
Salvatore Vicidominis artwork.
~ 55 ~
The natural and better conclusion for this cold and absolutist journey, is an attempt to analyze
what is commonly referred to as AntiChrist.
Today's major monotheisms are based on a single GOD, on the same GOD, and on a group of
Human Prophets more or less disputed by these religions. Now, certainly the prophets Moses,
Christ and Muhammad, despite their diversity of origin, have all built a very important concept-
bridge between the unreachable perfect reality of the ''Most High'' and the mediocre daily life of
Humans. The concept is that of hope, in its widest and multifaceted meaning possible. This
concept is interposed precisely in the cusp ignorance/knowledge vs. love/indifference. The hope
"glue" acts as a chaotic new-element in the perfect and tidy relationship "love vs.
knowledge". Only an exact and tidy sequence of metaphoric events as sow, graft, and cultivation
of the hope concept, could nullify the continuous erosion of love as a function of growing
knowledge within monotheistic societies. Precisely in this sense, the Verbs of the great Prophets
above indicated, are inserted and established themselves very strongly. Jesus Christ, and his many
interpretations from the various Christian currents, is perhaps the one who, more than others, has
made sure that the verb-concept of hope depart-removes the danger of annihilation of love as a
function of knowledge. However, none of the three Prophets above cited had previously and
intentionally intended to implant such a concept, and also, to have similar repercussions. The
process happened, partly by chance and partly causally, but it was impossible to foresee a priori,
the impressive marvellous evolution and the extent of the diffusion and penetration of the hope
verb-concept within the monotheistic communities. This unpredictability was due both to the
variegated variety of facets of the hope concept and to the strong diversity of the socio-religious
roots considered.
But at this point, by reverse reasoning, it is also possible to obtain a clear and simplified identifier
of the AntiChrist or, extending the concept, of the AntiProphet. This is usually understood,
depicted and conceptualized as a monster and/or an entity endowed with powers far beyond the
natural. On the contrary, I believe that this AntiProphet is much more simply an ordinary Human,
within which the concept of hope has died very early, leaving free space for the scarifying violence
of knowledge to the detriment of love. However, this feature is necessary but not sufficient.
You will get an AntiProphet if and only if he, directly or indirectly, voluntarily or involuntarily, gave
spread and disclosure to the terminal disruption of the hope concept put in top-acme by the three
great Prophets. Once the diffusion-divulging-spreading-popularization path of hope disruption has
~ 56 ~
begun, it could become more than viral, thanks to use of unconscious Human anti-priests. In a first
phase, these anti-priests (post-modern Human Beings of the years 2000-2100 for example), would
frantically dedicate themselves only to today and to the simultaneous maximization of
consumption, consensus and social recognition. In a second phase, then, the proto-GODs would
act as cybernetic anti-priests, completing the evisceration by viroses of the hope verb-concept,
obtaining in this mode, a perfect community of proto-GODs ready for the terminal jump.
The AntiProphet will be the first man who will illustrate the hypothetical despoliation-
decommissioning of the human mind from the hope concept, making fertile the arid mental
environment of Human Beings to the next and terminal-final evolutionary travail, in and beyond
Salvatore Vicidomini
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