Pengaruh Unsur-Unsur Customer Experience terhadap Minat Pembelian Kembali (Studi Kasus pada Konsumen Anomali Coffee Ubud)

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The Influence of Customer Experience on Customer Repurchase Intention (A Case Study on Anomali Coffee Ubud Customers) Coffee shop is one of the culinary business which is growing significantly enough. The Anomaly Coffee is a coffee shop which is located at Jalan Raya Ubud No. 88, Ubud, Bali it prepares different types of coffee and foods as the other coffee shops do. Anomali Coffee it also prepares several supporting facilities which can contribute to the customer experience.Its interior design is unique and provides free wifi. Apart from that, the consumers are provided with the opportunity to brew own coffee. This current study was intended to identify and analyze the influence of the elements of customer experience to repurchase intention.The samples in the current study were taken using the accidental sampling technique.The respondents totaled 60. The data were analyzed using the multiple linear regression method.From the result of the study, it could be concluded that the customer experience could be categorized as good. Based on the result of the partial test, the variables of sense and the relate variable have a significant influence on repurchase intention. Simultaneously, the elements of customer experience which consist of the sense, feel, think, act and relate have a significant influence on repurchase intention at Anomali Coffee customer. The R-square score obtained was 78.8%; the rest was obtained from the other factors which were not investigated in the current study.

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... Customer experience is a personal experience that is obtained due to certain stimuli, for example, those given by marketers before and after the purchase of goods and services (Upayani, Susrusa, & Anggreni, 2019). Customer experience refers to the experience felt by customers of a brand, product, or service to increase the value of a sale. ...
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The most important stage in winning customers' hearts is through experience, building a customer experience is an essential part of any marketing strategy. The higher the impact on customer pleasure and the willingness to return and acquire the products sold, the better the customer experience. Warung Kopi Tepi Sungai Depok has various advantages despite its less-than-ideal location. It provides guests with comfort and a peaceful rural setting. The purpose of this research is to see how customer experience affects repurchase intent at Warung Kopi Tepi Sungai Depok. Quantitative methods were employed in the research to gather more comprehensive, valid, reliable, and objective data. A total of 101 customers who visited the café were included in the sample. Both factor and regression analysis was employed in the data analysis. Customer experience had a substantial impact on repurchase intention (t = 8.356 > t table with a significance of 0.000 (? < 0.05). With its interior design and unique style, the customer experience at Warung Kopi Tepi Sungai Depok has a dominant influence on influencing repurchase intention, and consumers are interested in returning to this place. The author makes a suggestion, advising that more attention be paid to and development of the website be done in order to establish direct contacts with clients. This cafe has to improve its services, offer new menu items, and keep its facilities clean. Then Warung Kopi Tepi Sungai Depok will be the top option of the customers. Keywords: Repurchase Intention, Customer Experience, Revisit Intention
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