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The first records of Dryadocoris apicalis for Albania are reported. Information on the known distribution of the species is summarized. ISSN 0718-8994 (online) Revista Chilena de Entomología (2019) 45 (3): 331-333.
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Scientic Note
First records of Dryadocoris apicalis (Herrich-Schäer)
(Heteroptera: Pentatomidae: Pentatominae: Antestiini) for Albania
Primeras citas de Dryadocoris apicalis (Herrich-Schäer)
(Heteroptera: Pentatomidae: Pentatominae: Antestiini) para Albania
Torsten van der Heyden1
1 Immenweide 83, D-22523 Hamburg, Germany. E-mail:
ZooBank: D9C7CF73-D991-4823-B81F-0B4D5D159B60
Abstract. The rst records of Dryadocoris apicalis for Albania are reported. Information on the known
distribution of the species is summarized.
Key words: Distribution, Europe, Hemiptera.
Resumen. Se presentan las primeras citas de Dryadocoris apicalis para Albania. Información acerca de
la distribución conocida de la especie es resumida.
Palabras clave: Distribución, Europa, Hemiptera.
The pentatomid Dryadocoris apicalis (Herrich-Schäffer, 1842) (≡Dryadocoris analis
(A. Costa, 1847)) has been reported so far from the following European countries:
France (including Corsica), Italy (including Capraia, Pantelleria, Sardinia and Sicily),
Portugal and Spain (including the Canary Islands) (Carapezza 1995; Jiménez et al.
2003; Aukema et al. 2006; Dusoulier and Lupoli 2006; Rider 2006; Belousova 2007;
Gessé 2011; Roca-Cusachs and Goula 2017; Fernández Ruiz 2018; Roca-Cusachs et al.
Outside Europe, the species has been reported from Algeria, Cameroon, the
Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Republic of the Congo, Eritrea, Ethiopia,
Guinea, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Rwanda, Somalia, South Africa, Sudan, Tanzania,
Togo and Yemen (Rider 2006; Belousova 2007; Robertson 2009).
On 1-VII-2018, Aleksander Golemaj photographed a nymph of D. apicalis in the city
of Vlorë in southern Albania (Fig. 1). Almost one year later, on 6-IV-2019 and on 4-VI-
2019, he was able to photograph adult specimens of D. apicalis in the same city (Figs.
2 and 3). The photographs were first published in the online database iNaturalist
(Golemaj 2018, 2019a, 2019b).
As D. apicalis has not been reported for Albania in scientific publications yet, the
records reported in this note are the first ones for this country.
Possibly, D. apicalis was introduced to Albania via the port of Vlorë by boats or
ferries coming from Italy. Specific research on this aspect might be useful.
Received 30 May 2019 / Accepted 25 Jun 2019 / Published online 10 July 2019
Responsible Editor: José Mondaca E.
van der Heyden: First records of Dryadocoris apicalis for Albania.
Figures 1-3. Specimens of Dryadocoris apicalis (Herrich-Schäer, 1842), Vlorë, Albania. 1. Nymph,
1-VII-2018. 2. Imago, 6-IV-2019. 3. Imago, 4-VI-2019. (Photographs: Aleksander Golemaj).
Revista Chilena de Entomología 45 (3) 2019
I would like to thank Aleksander Golemaj (Vlorë, Albania) for allowing me to use his
photographs of D. apicalis to illustrate this paper.
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... The collected specimens, over 500, were gradually studied as species new for that region. New photographic images on naturalistic and social forums were also recently reported by van der Heyden's several papers (Lupoli et al. 2020(Lupoli et al. , 2021van der Heyden 2017avan der Heyden , 2017bvan der Heyden , 2017cvan der Heyden , 2017dvan der Heyden , 2017e, 2017f, 2018avan der Heyden , 2018bvan der Heyden , 2018cvan der Heyden , 2019van der Heyden & Dioli 2019). Also, some ecological notes were presented (Halimi et al. 2010). ...
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This paper discusses five species of the family Miridae, recorded from Albania and Kosovo. Closterotomus trivialis (A. Costa, 1853), Phytocoris (Phytocoris) tiliae tiliae (Fabricius, 1777) and Campyloneura virgula (Herrich-Schaeffer, 1835) are new in Albania. Closterotomus reuteri (Horváth, 1882) and Excentricus planicornis (Herrich-Schaeffer, 1836) are new in Kosovo. Data on distribution and ecology are also provided about the mentioned species.
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