The Migrant Every Country Wants to Have: Motion, Emotion, Imagination at the Joe Petrosino Museum in Padula, Italy

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Digital technology, the new forms of distribution and consumption of works, piracy, increasing saturation of screens, the arrival of new economic players - these are some of the elements that are transforming the cinema landscape. The European Parliament has launched a programme of experiments to transform these threats into opportunities, with a view to improving the circulation of films in Europe. These experiments, conducted by several players in the European film industry, gave rise to several film releases using innovative sequences of distribution windows, and with a multi-territorial approach. While the number of spontaneous experiments has increased over recent years, particularly in the United States and the United Kingdom, and concerning simultaneous theatrical and VOD releases (Day-and-Date), VOD previews (ultra-VOD) or exclusive VOD releases (Direct-to-VOD), the experiments launched by the European Parliament also strove to include a multi-territorial dimension so as to encourage the simultaneous release of films in several European countries.
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