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Influence of Social Media on Migration and Integration process

  • Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, Germany


The objective of this research was to summarize available studies regarding refugee’s/ immigrant‘s social and economic integration and assess the influence of SM/ICT in the Migration and Integration process by using a systematic literature review approach. 18 relevant studies out of 53 studies were obtained from 3 databases and were systematically included in the review. The research question was divided into four sub-questions regarding the type of media, information access, government role and how social media facilitates migration and integration. It was found that social media plays a big role in their migration and resettlement process. The use of ICT and SM depends on the availability of the service and the exposure of the participants. SM/ ICT helps migrants to maintain stronger ties with their family and friends in their origin countries and allow them to communicate effectively by eliminating social and structural barriers. It facilitates integrating into a new society by providing information about culture, norms/values, and the economy. It is also identified that social media might inspire potential refugees by providing essential information regarding refugee influx policies, different information regarding borders and smugglers. But even if ICT/ SM plays a big role in the process of migration and resettlement among refugees/ immigrants, usage of the technology doesn’t guarantee their social inclusion. The results were found as expected but also new further directions were identified regarding whether social media could enable social inclusion and integration. Finally, the study identifies research topics for ongoing researches.
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