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Mathematical foundations of New Physics (Математические основания Новой Физики). Volume 2



This study concerns the field of fundamental generalizing concepts in present-day physics known as Unified Theory, Theory of Everything etc. Here we call it the New Physics. Our key approach is to make algebraic generalization of two spaces: the space-time and the space of the action similar to the space-time. We attribute the properties of the universal algebra to the space-time and the action space. This main concept allows us to explain quantum phenomena and give a new understanding of the wave function. Furthermore, it helps us to explain the hierarchy of fundamental elementary particles and make generalizations about them. A special case of universal algebra is Clifford's algebra assigned to leptons in our approach. Linear and bilinear transformations of universal algebra are set to match intermediate particles. These transformations make it possible to describe the interaction of fundamental and intermediate particles. The book is intended for researchers in theoretical and mathematical physics, particle physics, gravitation theory and unified field theory, as well as for teachers, postgraduates and students of these specialties.
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