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It is a 42 chemical cards about organic chemistry. It is from 2-4 players. +6 years 5 min. Each card is a famous molecule in organic chemistry. The card has a small description and can teach some basics concepts such as functional groups of reactivity. -> In the supporting information you can find the Spanish Version!
Welcome to ChemiProject pocket version. (ChemiProjectXD)
ChemiProjectXD. Enjoy, play and learn:
This game version can be used by children aged 6 and up and it can be played by 2 and 4 people. The
Increase or the reduction of this number could lead to instant death from chemical intoxication!
ChemiProject is an educational game of chemistry. It tries to show and may teach something about
science and metal skills such as mental organization, concentration and strategy.
ChemiProject is a card game that focuses on winning opponents and yes, this is an educational game, wherein very
complicated concepts are explained in a very simple way. Chemists know how to join or to combine molecules getting
more complex compounds. This is because they know how functional groups work! The functional groups are
structures defined within a molecule that endow it with certain abilities. The functional groups can be linked to one
another following few rules. Therefore, when two molecules are put together they can form larger ones such as,
proteins or polymers.
Do not panic! In this game each functional group is represented by a color (or letter). You can always use the Scheme
that shows all the possible connections of the colors ones you want to try the advanced methodology!
¿How to play?
Good question. You can easily check the video-tutorial in the web site: which has the two methodologies.
And for additional information you can check
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In this document there is one of several versions of ChemiProjectXD. The main objective of this game is to disseminate
science using an easy and funny way.
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