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Mixed Reality Navigation System for Indoor Environment using HoloLens

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There are many applications for outdoor navigation but still less application for indoor navigation are available. In complex unknown indoor environments such as public buildings, railway stations, airports, hospitals, is difficult and time consuming to find the destination. In this paper, we design a mixed reality based indoor navigation system to assist people to navigate in an unknown indoor environment. We use mixed reality head mounted display HoloLens for this prototype. HoloLens scan the environment, find user position in the environment and show the shortest path to the target area. User can select their destination by the graphical user interface display in the HoloLens and also via voice command. Then our system shows the visual augmented path to the user. We use A* pathfinding algorithm for finding the shortest path from the user to the destination.

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To read the full-text of this research,
you can request a copy directly from the authors.

... We used Intel Core i5 4670 @ 3.40GHz with 32GB memory as a GCS. For mixed reality system implementation, we used Unity3D [6] game engine and for the programming language, we have used C-sharp. and drone (right). ...
Conference Paper
Natural disasters are increasing day by day as the climate crisis becomes more serious. In a disastrous situation, search and rescue missions are very risky, time-consuming, and resource constraints. A hybrid drone-assisted mixed reality-based system (termed as "MR-Drone") is proposed for conducting search and rescue operations very quickly and efficiently in a disastrous situation like an earthquake, floods, fire breakout, etc. In our proposed system, we use drone’s real-time steaming for generating a 3D map of the target area and this map can be shown in mixed reality device like HoloLens for monitoring the rescue mission. Multiple users can monitor the emergency together in a mixed reality environment using MR-Drone thus reduce the rescue time.
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