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Factors Associated with Job Satisfaction of Faculty Members: A Study on Private Universities at the Northern Part of Bangladesh



The main purpose of this study is to investigate the factors which have strong impact on job satisfaction of faculty members. A total of 117 respondents were considered from four universities using random sampling method. A survey was conducted using a five-point Likert scale for data collection through 38 statements. To get into insight Cronbach alpha coefficient, descriptive statistics (frequency, percentile, mean and standard deviation), Pearson correlation and multiple regression analysis was run as statistical tools. The study concluded with the facts that academicians’ job satisfaction might be influenced by the absence of the relationship with top management, infrastructural facilities, teachers’ assessment system and praise and recognition. The researchers ended up that top management should give more emphasis on teachers’ job satisfaction level to make more concentrated on work to provide higher education and to improve the quality of working life of teachers at the northern part of Bangladesh.
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