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The aim of this study is to expand the knowledge on the diversity of pezizalean fungi in Bulgaria, contributing new and interesting records. Twenty five taxa of Pezizales were recorded for the first time from Bulgaria, namely Acervus epispartius, Ascobolus viridis, Gyromitra fastigiata, G. martinii, Helvella branzeziana, H. confusa, H. corium, H. cupuliformis, H. fusca, H. helvellula, Leucoscypha semi-immersa, Miladina lecithina, Octospora axillaris var. tetraspora, O. coccinea, O. musci-muralis var. neglecta, Peziza gerardii, Parascutellinia carneosanguinea, Plectania melastoma, P. rhytidia, Rhodoscypha ovilla, Sepultaria cervina, Smardaea planchonis, Sowerbyella fagicola, S. radiculata and Wynnella silvicola. Members of the genera Acervus, Leucoscypha, Miladina, Parascutellinia, Rhodoscypha, Smardaea and Wynella are here first reported from this country. Acervus epispartius, H. branzeziana, H. helvellula, S. fagicola and R. ovilla are uncommon at continental scale, less-known and thus interesting species. Key words: ascomycetes, Bulgarian mycota, cup fungi, operculate discomycetes.
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