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Abriendo el dialogo (in) disciplinar. Perspectivas, reflexiones y propuestas desde el sur

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We are currently witnessing the end of the classical fixities based on norms, identities and values that have allowed the ordering of our world by constructing subjects, groups and institutions that are clearly moulded, installed in clearly defined territories and with univocally established functions and attributions, which clearly reflects the crisis of modernity. This situation has allowed the previously silenced words, the other’s voice—those that lived in the periphery or beyond the modern system limits—to break into the established social order producing a constructive uncertainty. This new situation is accompanied by new potential for thinking and practising the human experience in a more humanised way, which, for us, means a more plural and relational experience.
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This article offers a series of theoretical considerations related to the problem of how to advance cultural criticism in Latin America from the perspective of hermeneutic philosophy, especially from that of the Gadamer School. A review of the critical sense of cultural studies in Latin America initially suggests that, given the importance of the notion of ‘decentramiento’, the Gadamer posture would be of little relevance. Nevertheless, it is argued that hermeneutics may well be an important ally in the efforts to reflect on our own reality.
El capitalismo latinoamericano atraviesa la fase más destructiva de su historia, que amenaza no sólo con destruir anteriores conquistas sociales, promover gobiernos autoritarios, nuevas intervenciones armadas y restablecer el dominio colonial, sino que adelanta el exterminio de la vida y de los recursos naturales y estratégicos del planeta. La resistencia a este orden de cosas incluye el uso de la tecnología en una perspectiva de construcción de planteamientos alternativos que muestran al capitalismo no sólo como inútil e innecesario sino peligroso para la existencia de los seres humanos.