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A Research on E-Commerce Shipping Platform Models In the Context of “Internet Plus



In cyber-age, with the creation and growth of e-commerce platforms online causing profound changes to the way of business-doing in traditional sectors, “Internet Plus shipping” is now well predicted as an inevitable trend shipping business. As e-commerce shipping platforms make advertising, publication of information, business communication and transaction easier and more convenient, they are becoming a driving force accelerating the development of shipping industry. In domestic market today, there are already a variety of comparably matured models with which online shipping platforms operate, however, through evaluating their performances; these models have both unique advantages and disadvantages or deficiencies. The paper in the first place gives a summarization to what exactly e-commerce shipping can do, then introduces some most recognizable operational models on current stage, and lastly, from the perspective of “Internet Plus”, offers some proposals with the hope of helping advance its future development.
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