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JUUL Awareness, Trial, and Continued Use among Undergraduate Students in Mississippi



Objective: This study assessed awareness, prevalence of trial, and frequency of Juul use among undergraduate students at three Mississippi universities. Methods: A random sample of students responded to web-based surveys assessing Juul awareness, trial, and use. Results: Most students were aware of Juul (69.5%) and recognized that a Juul pod provides as much nicotine as a pack of cigarettes (59.4%). A third of students had tried Juuls (37.1%); and three-quarters of trial users reported past 30-day use (76.1%). Among trial users, smokers and students in the Greek system were more likely to report past 30-day use than others, p<.05. Conclusion: Awareness and trial of Juul are high. Moreover, most trial users report daily or past week use, in contrast to many previous studies finding that most trial use is discontinued. Universities and policy makers need to be aware of Juul use among undergraduates, particularly those who are non-smokers.
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