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The pseudoscience of Anti-Vaxxers - are vaccines injected direct into the bloodstream, and do they bypass the immune system?

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The pseudoscience of Anti-Vaxxers – are vaccines injected direct into the bloodstream, and bypass the immune system, looks at the anatomy and physiology of the human body's processing of extra-cellular fluid - which includes vaccines. No vaccine is injected directly into the bloodstream. IM and/or Subcut injections, into extra-cellular space in either a muscle or the fatty tissue over the muscle, are moved from that site of injection via the Lymph system. There is NO physiological way for veins and arteries to diffuse the ECM fluid at the site of injection. No vaccine bypasses the immune system. In fact, the opposite is true. Vaccine ingredients are taken up by the Lymphatics, and have to go through Lymph Nodes, packed with B-lymphocytes. Both assumptions that vaccines are "injected directly into muscle" and "vaccines bypass the immune system" are completely false. The author has a series of posters on Aluminium/hydroxide, Thiomersal, MSG, Squalene, MF59, Sorbitol, Aborted fetal cells, monkey and dog cells, ASD/Vaccine relationships, and others. The author is a Biomedical and Medical Scientist, with research interests in vaccines and vaccinations.
From either location, vaccine components in the Lymph system, after being filtered
through Lymph Nodes, eventually end up at E, running into the Descending Vena
Cava (DVC) (Willard-Mack, 2006).
Lymph Nodes are full of White Blood Cells (WBC), mainly B-Lymphocytes, in lymph
nodules in germinal centres (Gamazo et al., 2019).
In conclusion, any Anti-Vaxxers stating that “vaccine are injected directly into the
bloodstream” and/or “bypassing the immune system” are stating false information.
CDC scheduled vaccines:
are injected into muscle or subcutaneous tissue
are filtered from muscle or subcutaneous tissue into the Lymphatics system
are met in the lymph nodes by B-Lymphocytes
are filtered from the Lymphatics system into the DVC
are eventually shunted into the peripheral blood system via the DVC
If anyone tells you that vaccines are administered directly into the bloodstream,
then they are incorrect.
If anyone tells you that vaccines bypass the immune system, then they are
What have we learnt about fluid flow in the human body? Vaccines injected into
either space, is filtered from there via the Lymphatic system. After the fluid is moved
from Lymphatic vessels into Lymph Nodes, it has to go through lymph nodules jam
packed with B-Lymphocytes (part of the immune system).
The statements that vaccines are “injected directly into the blood system” and that
they “bypass the immune system” are completely false.
The Subcut injections are placed either fatty tissue over the Anterolateral thigh
muscle, or fatty tissue over the Triceps muscle, and none are suggested to be
administered via IV (, 2019) .
Table 1: Injection, injection type, location of injection (, 2019).
Figure 8: IM and Subcut injections
There is a common misconception amongst many Anti-Vaxxers, that vaccines are
injected directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the immune system.
Let me get one thing clear right now. No CDC scheduled vaccine is routinely
administered directly to the bloodstream. None. Not a single one. This premise of
“direct into the bloodstream” shows a lack of basic biology knowledge and
Karen via Facebook (not her real name), states that “ can now have multiple
viruses and toxins injected directly into your bloodstream...” (See Figure 1)
Figure 1: Karen via Facebook
Likewise, Susan via Facebook (not her real name) mentioned “...inject foreign DNA,
viruses, and neurotoxins directly into my bloodstream...” (See Figure 2).
Figure 2: Susan via Facebook
On Twitter, the messages are pretty much the same. Brett (not his real name) talks
about “...inject[ing] heavy metals and preservatives directly into your blood stream...”
(See Figure 3).
Figure 3: Brett via Twitter
Also on Twitter, Taylor (not her real name) talks about how guns are not “inject
directly into bloodstream” and “inject[ing] aluminum...” a direct reference to
Aluminium hydroxide (See Figure 4).
Figure 4: Taylor via Twitter
And lastly, Dell via Twitter (not his real name) asks “how any sane person inject a
small child directly into their bloodstream” (See Figure 5).
Figure 5: Dell via Twitter
Where exactly are vaccines injected, and what happens after injection? Do vaccines
filter from the site of injection directly into the bloodstream?
Discussion Discussion
The pseudoscience of Anti-Vaxxers – are vaccines injected direct
into the bloodstream, bypassing the immune system?
Rod Cook
Independent Researcher, Queensland, AUSTRALIA (2019). Administering Hib Vaccine | Haemophilus Influenzae Type b
Vaccine | CDC. [online] Available at:
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(2019). Understanding the basis of transcutaneous vaccine delivery. Therapeutic
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Introduction Discussion
Figure 6 shows a cannulation which forces fluid directly into the bloodstream.
Cannulation is not a recommended or common practice for the administration of
routine vaccines and vaccinations. No routine childhood or adult vaccine
recommendations per the CDC, suggest cannulation and then injection direct into
the canula (, 2019) . If the vaccine was to be administered “direct into the
bloodstream” it would be an Intravenous (IV) injection. As shown in Figure 7, not
one of the vaccines is to be administered via IV.
Figure 6: Cannulation of the Cephalic vein
CDC guidelines for vaccine dose, route, site, and needle size:
Figure 7: CDC recommendations for vaccine administration (, 2019)
As shown above in Figure 7 (above), there are three routes of administration for
routine CDC recommended vaccines. The only non-inject-able vaccines listed is the
Flumist Intranasal administration, which is not “direct into the bloodstream.” A
version of the Polio vaccine is via the oral route, however this is not shown on this
CDC recommendation.
The main two methods of injection, as shown in Figure 7, are Intramuscular (IM)
injection, and Subcutaneous injection. These are graphically shown in Figure 8.
Figure 8 and Table 1 show that the IM injection, is placed in any spot in the
Anterolateral thigh muscle or Deltoid muscle.
Author contact: rodney.cook@cqumail.comWe confirm we have the rights to use the images included in this poster. March 14, 2019
Where does the vaccine injection go? Does it filter direct
into the bloodstream? Contrary to the statement as shown
in Figure 5, vaccines don’t bypass the immune system.
The opposite is in fact true. The administered vaccine
travels from the site of injection, into the lymphatic system,
and directly into Lymph Nodes.
As per Figure 9, routine vaccines are administered to A.
the Deltoid muscle, Triceps muscle or fatty tissue over
Triceps muscle, or B. the Anterolateral thigh muscle (or
fatty tissue). Vaccines administered into the muscle or
fatty tissue at A., are collected up in lymphatic vessels,
and run through Lymph Nodes at location C. Vaccines
administered into the muscle or fatty tissue at B., are
collected up in the lymphatic vessels, and run through
Lymph Nodes at location D.
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Under many circumstances, prophylactic immunizations are considered as the only possible strategy to control infectious diseases. Considerable efforts are typically invested in immunogen selection but, erroneously, the route of administration is not usually a major concern despite the fact that it can strongly influence efficacy. The skin is now considered a key component of the lymphatic system with tremendous potential as a target for vaccination. The purpose of this review is to present the immunological basis of the skin-associated lymphoid tissue, so as to provide understanding of the skin vaccination strategies. Several strategies are currently being developed for the transcutaneous delivery of antigens. The classical, mechanical or chemical disruptions versus the newest approaches based on microneedles for antigen delivery through the skin are discussed herein.
Lymph nodes are traditionally regarded as having three compartments, the cortex, paracortex and medulla. B and T cells home to separate areas within these compartments, interact with antigen presenting cells, and undergo clonal expansion. This paper provides structural and functional details about how the lymph node brings lymphocytes and antigen presenting cells together. The concept of the lymphoid lobule as the basic functional and anatomic unit of the lymph node is developed and utilized to provide a framework for understanding lymph node pathobiology. Understanding the histomorphologic features of the lymphoid lobule and the role of the reticular meshwork scaffolding of the lymph node and how these related to the cortex, paracortex and medulla provides a unique approach to understanding lymph node structure and function.