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Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging
Radiol Diagn Imaging, 2019 doi: 10.15761/RDI.1000143 Volume 3(1): 1-1
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Evidence based medicine?
Charles Maack*
US Too International Inc, Fairview Ave, Downers Grove, IL, USA
*Correspondence to: Charles Maack, US Too International Inc, Fairview Ave,
Downers Grove, IL, USA, E-mail:
Received: November 08, 2018; Accepted: December 15, 2018; Published:
January 02, 2019
We oen hear of physicians who question the use of, for example,
5Alpha Reductase (5AR) inhibitors (dutasteride/Avodart or nasteride/
Proscar), in androgen/hormonal deprivation therapy for advanced or
recurring prostate cancer. ey claim that they follow only “Evidence
Based Medicine.” ose physicians who involve themselves in research
and study of various medications that can be eective in the treatment
of recurring or advanced prostate cancer determine “their own
evidence, rather than only read or listen to those who merely follow
“old evidence” (granted, reasonably eective, but not as eective as
that having been determined by prostate cancer specialists). Medical
Oncologists and Urologists who are providing general cancer treatment,
but not specializing in the treatment of prostate cancer, should keep in
contact with and review papers authored by their colleagues who are
specialists “specically” in prostate cancer treatment (these specialists
make presentations on the latest in treatment methods gleaned from
their own research, study, and administration every September at the
Prostate Cancer Research Institute (PCRI) Annual Conference on
Prostate Cancer held in Los Angeles). It would behoove all physicians
treating prostate cancer to attend one of these annual PCRI conferences
as well as avail themselves of the material available on the website of
PCRI, specically the PCRI Insights Newsletters
insights-newsletter, to keep them more and better in touch with the
latest methods of treating recurring or advanced prostate cancer.
Prostate cancer patients and their caregivers also have free access to the
important information found in the Insights Newsletters.
Evidence Based Medicine will likely continue to be the safe road to
travel for those physicians who, because of their daily workload, may
not have time to involve themselves in research specically regarding
prostate cancer; but Evidence Based Medicine can be trumped by
physicians who go those extra steps in research and study to determine
the importance and usefulness of medications they then include in
protocols determined to be more eective for their patients.
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