Mehrdimensionale Diskriminierung – Potentiale eines materialen Gleichheitsverständnisses

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How must the state shape victim protection in migration law? In order to answer legal dogmatic questions about the right of residence of those affected by hate crime, this study also makes use of sociological and victimological findings. The hybrid legal subject is taken into account by analysing European and international law as well as German constitutional, administrative and criminal (procedural) law. In addition, administrative practice in the Federal Republic of Germany is empirically examined. The need for a reform to clarify the status of victims of hate crime under residence law becomes clear. The study concludes with corresponding legislative proposals.
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German law schools and legal practice are significantly less diverse than society; in particular, people of colour are missing. The empirical findings so far allow a first analysis of the factors that contribute to the current homogeneity. The legal system not only lacks diverse perspectives, the diversity deficit can also lead to problems for social acceptance and legitimacy. The essay proposes measures for equal participation in the legal professions and invites to an exchange about diversity as a current and pressing challenge for scholarship and practice. The text is an invitation for joint action, but also for reflection and further research.
Der Beitrag zeigt auf, wie Recht einerseits Herrschaftsverhältnisse reproduzieren und andererseits als Emanzipationsinstrument genutzt werden kann; er vollzieht die juristischen Diskurse zu Geschlechterfragen in ihrer historischen Entwicklung nach und erläutert einzelne Schwerpunkte der feministischen Rechtswissenschaft.
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