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Shrinking wetland area of Vadodara City - an urban mess

  • Gujarat Ecology Society, Vadodara, India
  • Gujarat Ecology Soceity


The paper describes the loss of wetlands in Vadodara Urban area with respect to the administrative wards. The paper described loss of waterbodies leading to waterlogging problem every year during the monsoons. The paper recommends need to be integrated waterbodies in the urban development schemes and link the role of water bodies in the Disaster Risk Management of a city.
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Economic development often brings with challenges to ecology. The nature provides the resources to sustain basic life of the planet and also ingredients that go in to various economic productions. In this process the larger ecology gets affected due to mining, logging, large construction activities, expansion of human settlements, emission of various gases in the air and discharge of untreated effluents to water bodies. These became detrimental to the natural habitats of other species. Over the decades many flora, fauna, animals, birds and aquatic animals got extinct or they are near extinction. The scientific studies show the unregulated exploitation of nature ultimately threatens the survival of life itself on earth including humans. The realization led to various policy interventions to restore nature, protect bio-diversity, emphasis on sustainable use of natural resources and address climate issues. India being one of the most populous countries faces twin challenges of need ° for accelerating economic growth to meet the needs of its population and also conservation of its bio-diversity and natural habitats. The present study looks into the state of Gujarat in western India to look at the challenges the state is facing in balancing its strive for economic growth at the same time to take care of mother nature. The participation of local community in protecting bio-diversity in the state could be scaled up to achieve sustainable Development that helps in just use of natural resources and protect the at national and international level. Keywords: Ecology, Conservation, Economic development, Community participation and Sustainability
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