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Pour-Aboughadareh et al.—Applications in Plant Sciences 2019 7(1)—Data Supplement S3
APPENDIX S3. Heat map plot rendered based on Pearson’s correlation analysis for Example 1. See Appendix 1
for full denitions of statistics. θi = mean variance component; θ(i) = GE variance component; Wi
2 = Wricke’s eco-
valence stability index; bi = regression coefcient; Sdi
2 = deviation from regression; σi
2 = Shukla’s stability variance;
CVi = environmental coefcient of variance; S(1) and S(2) = Nassar and Huhn’s non-parametric statistics; S(3) and S(6) =
Huhn’s non-parametric statistics; NP(1–4) = Thennarasu’s non-parametric statistics; KR = Kang’s rank-sum; Y = yield.

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