Skull-stripped Contrast-Enhanced MRI Datasets

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Skull-stripped Contrast-Enhanced MRI Datasets. Please use the following citations if you use them in your work: L. Lindner, M. Kolodziej, J. Egger. Skull-stripped Contrast-Enhanced MRI Datasets. Figshare, 2018. and J. Egger, et al. GBM Volumetry using the 3D Slicer Medical Image Computing Platform. Sci Rep., 3:1364, 2013. Further Information: Ten Contrast-Enhanced T1-weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Datasets of healthy Brains. All Datasets are skull-stripped and datasets with a sagittal or coronal scanning direction have been reformatted to an axial direction. Skull-stripping has been performed with BrainSuite.

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