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Electrophysiological Profiling of Neocortical Neural Subtypes: A Semi-
Supervised Method Applied to In vivo Whole-cell Patch-clamp Data
Parviz Ghaderi1, Hamid Reza Marateb2*, Mir Shahram Safari1,3*
* Correspondence:
Dr. Mir Shahram Safari
Dr. Hamid Reza Marateb
Table S1. The comparison of different extracted parameters from the action potential shape in
different neuron classes. Values are reported as mean ± standard error of mean (SEM).
Variable PV group Pyr group SST group
Normalized AP threshold (mV) 10.91±0.100 9.15± 0.291 9.39±0.110
AP duration (ms) 0.70±0.005 1.61±0.016 1.18±0.010
AP Hyperpolarization (mV) 12.45±0.070 3.06±0.118 7.23±0.100
AP rise time (ms) 0.63±0.005 1.29±0.007 1.07±0.003
AP fall time (ms) 2.55±0.008 2.93±0.004 2.21±0.010
AP rise rate(mV/ms) 89.34±0.770 19.29±0.608 44.91±0.620
AP fall rate(mV/ms) 109.42±1.150 17.13±0.558 51.66±0.620

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