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Trust based Decision Support System for Social
Networks with Uncertain Knowledge
Raquel Ureña, Francisco Chiclana,
Centre for Computational Intelligence, De Montfort University, Leicester, Uk
In real world scenarios, such as public security,e-health
and e-marketing, we have a large body of data from
various networked heterogeneous information
sources that oen conflict with each other and provide
inconsistent knowledge. DeciTrustNET aims to create a
novel computational framework for trust based
social choice by merging multiple heterogeneous
information in an adaptive manner to provide
consensus based personalized recommendation. This
framework will be applied in the context of a new e-health
trust based social network to increase healthy lifestyle.
Proposed Trust Network
Figure: DeciTrustNET system architecture
Research objectives
ITo establish a SNA framework for managing multiple
inconsistent heterogeneous information sources
that allows the definition of trust
ITo define trust propagation and aggregation
operators for trust networks driven by game theoretic
modeling of malicious users.
ITo create a trust based feedback to provide
personalized advice.
Application: E-health Trust Social Network
Personalized self-monitoring system to increase healthy
lifestyles in people with especial needs.
Figure: e-Health SN architecture
This project is being funded by the grant H2020-MSCA-IF-2016-746398-DeciTrustNET
Project website: hp://
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