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imprinted in Tuning Element 5Minute Relief PatchesTM(5MRP) as an adjunct support in postsurgical pain management. 10 postsurgical patient were treated with 5MRP as an adjunct to standard postoperative opioid medication and 10 were treated only with standard postoperative opioid medication. Our study concluded that ELEMF in 5MRP increase pain tolerance threshold in postsurgical pain management thus requiring significant reduction in usage of opioid medication.
Brašovan S. nMD-Medical Data 2018;10(3): 139-141
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Srbislav Brašovan
Research and Development Department, Institution Review Board at
Tuning Element, L.L.C. Branson, Missouri, USA
In this pilot study we evaluated Extremely Low Electromagnetic Frequency (ELEMF)
imprinted in Tuning Element 5Minute Relief PatchesTM (5MRP) as an adjunct support
in postsurgical pain management. 10 postsurgical patient were treated with 5MRP as an
adjunct to standard postoperative opioid medication and 10 were treated only with stan-
dard postoperative opioid medication. Our study concluded that ELEMF in 5MRP
increase pain tolerance threshold in postsurgical pain management thus requiring signif-
icant reduction in usage of opioid medication.
Key words
Pain, Extremely Low Electromagnetic
Frequency, 5MRP, Resonant Recognition
Ključne reči
Bol, ekstremno niska frekvencija elektro-
magnetnog polja, 5MRP, model rezo-
nantnog prepoznavanja
Correspondence to:
Srbislav Brašovan M.D.; F.A.C.O.G.
Director of the Research and
Development Department and Chairman
of the Institution Review Board at
Tuning Element, L.L.C. Branson,
Missouri, USA.
medicinska revija
medical review
Brašovan S. nMD-Medical Data 2018;10(3): 139-141
UDK: 616-009.7-085
Not only is pain a major cause of suffering, but it also
causes tremendous financial burdens for those who are
already suffering.1
Using standard opioid medication in pain management is
laden with side effects; moreover, use of standard opioid
medication has led to worldwide opioid prescription induced
deaths and addiction crises. ELEMF technology can offer a
novel, efficacious, method for the pathophysiology of pain
modulation. The ELEMF method avoids the problematic
side effects and crises of opioid use and abuse.
It is time to revisit the paradigm of the biochemical
approach to pathophysiology and pharmacology in general.
Initial pathological processes occur on a quantum-molecular
level, but the current bio-chemical paradigm does not
address these initial processes on the quantum. Utilizing a
pharmacological approach to treat pathophysiological
changes already in progress is time-consuming, costly and
laden with side effects. With the development of quantum
physics, a novel paradigm for understanding pathophysiolo-
gy has emerged. Quantum Biophysics gave birth to
Quantum Evidence Based Medicine and Nanobiotechnology
in the last century. This approach concentrates on nonbio-
logical changes that occur on a quantum level in the human
body prior to any biochemical changes. Many research proj-
ects have been underway in this field at leading universities
in the U.S.A. and abroad.
In the last decade a new class of health-related products
has been developed: this new class utilizes Extremely Low
Electromagnetic Frequencies (ELEMF). The frequencies in
these items are imprinted with an energetic message, which
is passively transmitted through skin contact. This type of
imprinting technology is not new. Presently this technology
is used every day in electronics by imprinting microchips
with different frequencies. We studied Tuning Element
5Minute Relief Patches (5MRP) and its action on pain man-
agement in clinical settings
Tuning Element 5MRP are 4 cm by 4 cm, square,
Silicone-based, patches infused with Titanium Salt. They are
non-invasive, and are permanently attuned with ELEMF.
They work strictly by sending vibrational information to the
body. They should be applied to the skin at the pain trigger
point. Skin acts as a capacitator where the human biofield
activates the patches.
5MRP have been used in various aspects of health sup-
port including but not limited to, postsurgical, menstrual and
general support pain management in clinics for the last 5
years with great success. 5MRP use no medications, herbals
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MD MEDICAL DATA / Vol. 10 NO3 / Septembar-September 2018.
or supplements. They do not require electrical supply. They
should be considered as a passive energy product. 5MRP are
available over the counter in selected stores and pharmacies
in the U. S. and abroad. There is a great number of anecdot-
al reports and testimonials to their effectiveness; however,
no clinical studies on the topic have been published to date.
5MRP technology was developed in 2010.
Missouri State University (MSU) Center for Biomedical
and Life Science completed the phase 1, double blind, study
on experimental hairless rats. This study concluded in 2015
that TERP are harmless, and may enhance surgical wound
healing (not published).
The mode of action of 5MRP was researched by I. Cosic
in 2017 and described in the journal IEEE Transactions on
“Conclusions from Studies on Tuning Element 5 Minute
Relief Patches (5MRP) Influence on Pain Through Ion
Channels as Predicted by the Resonant Recognition Model
(RRM) Within this study, we have analyzed pain related
sodium and calcium ion channels, using the RRM model,
with the aim to find the characteristic resonant frequencies
for opening and closing of these ion channels and to investi-
gate possibility of these frequencies to resonate with fre-
quencies imprinted within 5MRP patches and consequently
to propose mechanisms of pain remediation with 5MRP
Results from our study can explain mechanisms of
5MRP patches remediating pain through resonances with
pain related ion channels. This would mean that 5MRP
patches could mimic the similar activity as toxin based pain
killers, but without side effects and particularly avoiding
negative drug effects on the digestive system.”2
Phase 2 clinical study has simultaneously been underway
in our medical clinic on use of 5MRP in support of postop-
erative pain management.
After appropriate IRB clearance, informed consents were
obtained from 20 female patients with scheduled major
abdominal gynecologic surgery utilizing Pfannenstiel inci-
sion. They were randomly assigned to 2 groups of 10.
Surgery was performed under general anesthesia in out-
patient setting with 23h observation.
After discharge all patients received Rx of
oxycodone/acetaminophen 10 mg./325 mg, 50 tablets, with
instructions to use 1 or 2 tablets every 4 to 6 h as needed for
Group #1
10 Postsurgical patients received 6 patches (3 above and
3 below incision) in OR after completion of surgery and
prior to applying post-surgical dressing. The dressing com-
pletely covered patches and made them not visible by the
Group #2
10 postsurgical patient received no patches.
Patient were not told if they had patches or not under
their post surgical dressing. The dressing was removed on
the 7th day post operatively.
Won-Baker Pain Rating Scale 0 to 10 (provided by
National Institute on Pain Control) document was given to
all patients to be completed on daily basis. Patients were
instructed to chart pain level on 6 h intervals during waking
hour, or prior to taking pain medication.
The study was designed to measure 2 parameters:
1. Level of pain in six days post-operative period.
2. Number of pain pills used in the same period.
On day 7, patients had their first postoperative visit, and
we removed dressing and collected data
Group #1
1. Average Pain level rated 4 out of 10 in first 2 days and
tapered down to 0 at day 6.
2. Average usage of opioid pills was total, of 16 pills in
6 days period per patient.
Group #2
1. Average pain level was 8 in first 2 days and tapered
down to 2 at day 6.
2. Average usage of opioid pills was a total of 43 pills in
6 days period per patient.
Specific blend of ELEMF provide the correct frequency
information and promote healthy protoplasm with high ener-
gy and low entropy in the cell resting living state.3The fre-
quencies in 5MRP are imprinted with an energetic message,
which is passively transmitted, producing a bioenergy field
when in contact with skin. Internally this ELEMF resonates
with internal ELEMF created by quantum fields of atomic
action in the protoplasm caused by the piezoelectric capaci-
ty of connective tissue.4(In the quantum physics Standard
Model Theory, all the known types of matter and forces are
described as quantum fields.)
In humans, internal frequencies merge with material,
external energy to form a Human Bioenergy Field.5This
bioenergy field can be studied most accurately by Bio-Well
cameras.6Biological systems possess the ability to create
and utilize coherent oscillations and respond to external
oscillations.7Applications of certain frequencies by fre-
quency generating devices such as 5MRP produce electro-
magnetic resonance within cellular structures. This reso-
nance will cause change in water molecules to affect the
configurations and liquid crystal properties of peptides, pro-
teins, cell membranes, organelle membranes and DNA8to
respond in this case to pain stimuli, thus facilitating pain
modulation. This was measured using Resonant Recognition
Model (RRM).9,10 All of these processes depend on healthy
protoplasm, and the normal function of the protoplasm
depends on structured water molecules.
In Ling’s Association-Induction (AI) hypothesis, weak
modulation of Hertzian Energy activates selective absorp-
tion of K+over Na+and allows ATP in the cell when
exposed to ELEMF to resonate, activating RNA and DNA,
restoring normal homeostasis.3Stochastic resonance enables
this action.11 Water molecules are the base of protoplasm in
the cells and connective tissue. Exposed to ELEMF those
molecules are energized and build an “ordered” Exclusion
Zone (EZ). “EZ is an unexpectedly large zone of water that
Brašovan S. nMD-Medical Data 2018;10(3): 139-141
Medicinska revija Medical review
forms next to many submersed materials. EZ gets its name
because it excludes practically everything. The EZ contains
a lot of charge, and its character differs from that of bulk
water (the fourth phase of water).”12 EZ requires electro-
magnetic energy. This structured (energized) water exposed
to specific ELEMF resonance, maintains normal proto-
plasm, activating ATP, RNA and DNA, and promoting its
normal function, following the principal of AI and RRM.13
As Mae Wan-Ho stated: “Water is central to the action of
quantum molecular machines…Water is the means, medium
and message of life.”14
Molecules communicate like a radio set that receives a
specific wavelength carried from the radio station. ELEMF
acts on living biological matter and creates communication
between bio-molecules, which is essential to life. This
molecular communication takes place through structured
water molecules that surround all biological molecules. It
appears that water has an amplifying role. Some of the data
implies that signals are emitted by bio-molecules but finally
conveyed by water molecules. It is like a string of a guitar:
the string vibrates and produces a musical note, but the gui-
tar body amplifies it to audible sound.
Although this is a small pilot study, it clearly shows that
5MRP have a significant role as a supportive adjunct in pain
control by increasing pain tolerance threshold without any
side effects and requiring significantly lesser opioid utiliza-
In response to the present epidemic of prescription opi-
oid abuse, 5MRP may play a significant role in curbing
overuse of opioids in pain management on a much larger
scale than solely in postoperative pain support.
We believe that technology using ELEMF and the same
principle of action is opening doors to a wide variety of new
products, with different frequencies and applications, in pro-
moting health and wellbeing.
Understanding the mode of action of Quantum Medicine
as well as the entire electromagnetic spectrum of our sur-
roundings and our interaction with it is essential for the
future development of medicine.
*This statement was not evaluated by FDA
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U ovoj pilot studiji evaluirana je primena niska frekvencija elektromagnetnog polja
(ELEMF) kroz trensdermalni flaster (Tuning Element 5Minute Relief PatchesTM
(5MRP)), koja je korišćena kao dodatak standardnoj terapiji postoperativnog bola opiod-
nim lekovima. Dok je drugih 10 pacijenata terapija bola vršena samo standardnim opioid-
nim lekovima. Naša studija je zaključila da primena ELEME u 5MRP povećava prag tol-
erancije bolova u postoperativnim bolnim stanjima, što dovodi do značajno smanjene
upotrebe opioidnih lekova.
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Tuning Element Relief Patches (TERP) are silicon based Titanium Salt infused adhesive patches that have been developed by Tuning Element. A number of anecdotal reports have shown that TERP patches diffuse pain, including chronic, inflammatory and neuropathic. Pain is a very complex biochemical and electrical process involving sensory part, nerve transmission and brain perception of pain. We concentrated our research on nerve transmission, which is electrical signal along the nerve (axon). This electrical signal is created by complex activity of opening and closing of pain related ion channels and redistribution of electrically charged ions on the nerve cell membrane. Ion channels are made of different proteins, which are involved with the complex processes of opening and closing ion channels. Here, we apply Resonant Recognition Model (RRM) to analyze ion channel proteins related to the pain transmission in order to find out, how imprints and particles within TERP patches can interfere with pain related activity of ion channels.
We analyzed tubulin proteins using Resonant Recognition Model to predict possible electromagnetic resonances in tubulin and microtubules. These electromagnetic resonances are proposed to be caused by charge transfer through protein molecule. The frequencies of these electromagnetic resonances depend on charge velocity. Using different velocities of charge transfer, we predicted resonant frequencies in different frequency ranges from KHz to THz. We also proposed that these resonant frequencies could be relevant for taxol binding as well as to possible role of microtubules as macromolecular computer.
Unlabelled: In 2008, according to the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey (MEPS), about 100 million adults in the United States were affected by chronic pain, including joint pain or arthritis. Pain is costly to the nation because it requires medical treatment and complicates treatment for other ailments. Also, pain lowers worker productivity. Using the 2008 MEPS, we estimated 1) the portion of total U.S. health care costs attributable to pain; and 2) the annual costs of pain associated with lower worker productivity. We found that the total costs ranged from $560 to $635 billion in 2010 dollars. The additional health care costs due to pain ranged from $261 to $300 billion. This represents an increase in annual per person health care costs ranging from $261 to $300 compared to a base of about $4,250 for persons without pain. The value of lost productivity due to pain ranged from $299 to $335 billion. We found that the annual cost of pain was greater than the annual costs of heart disease ($309 billion), cancer ($243 billion), and diabetes ($188 billion). Our estimates are conservative because they do not include costs associated with pain for nursing home residents, children, military personnel, and persons who are incarcerated. Perspective: This study estimates that the national cost of pain ranges from $560 to $635 billion, larger than the cost of the nation's priority health conditions. Because of its economic toll on society, the nation should invest in research, education, and training to advocate the successful treatment, management, and prevention of pain.
From very general theoretical considerations it is concluded that many biomolecules (i) should have metastable excited states with very high dipole moment, and (ii) should be capable of strongly excited giant dipole vibrations with frequencies near 10(11) Hz. Experimental evidence available so far seems to support these postulates. It is suggested that the two postulates should be of importance for the action of enzymes, and relevant experiments are proposed.
To review the stochastic resonance phenomena observed in sensory systems and to describe how a random process ('noise') added to a subthreshold stimulus can enhance sensory information processing and perception. Nonlinear systems need a threshold, subthreshold information bearing stimulus and 'noise' for stochastic resonance phenomena to occur. These three ingredients are ubiquitous in nature and man-made systems, which accounts for the observation of stochastic resonance in fields and conditions ranging from physics and engineering to biology and medicine. The stochastic resonance paradigm is compatible with single-neuron models or synaptic and channels properties and applies to neuronal assemblies activated by sensory inputs and perceptual processes as well. Here we review a few of the landmark experiments (including psychophysics, electrophysiology, fMRI, human vision, hearing and tactile functions, animal behavior, single/multiunit activity recordings). Models and experiments show a peculiar consistency with known neuronal and brain physiology. A number of naturally occurring 'noise' sources in the brain (e.g. synaptic transmission, channel gating, ion concentrations, membrane conductance) possibly accounting for stochastic resonance phenomena are also reviewed. Evidence is given suggesting a possible role of stochastic resonance in brain function, including detection of weak signals, synchronization and coherence among neuronal assemblies, phase resetting, 'carrier' signals, animal avoidance and feeding behaviors. Stochastic resonance is a ubiquitous and conspicuous phenomenon compatible with neural models and theories of brain function. The available evidence suggests cautious interpretation, but justifies research and should encourage neuroscientists and clinical neurophysiologists to explore stochastic resonance in biology and medical science.
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