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Smoke-Free Ordinances in Mississippi Predict Lower Hospital Admission Rates for Acute Cardiovascular, Stroke, and Pulmonary Events



Purpose: Although Mississippi does not have statewide smoke-free legislation, 157 municipalities in Mississippi have smoke-free ordinances. This study compares hospital admission rates for acute cardiovascular, stroke, and pulmonary events for counties with and without smoke-free county seats. Methods: The Mississippi Inpatient Outpatient Data System provided admission data. Admission rates for tobacco smoke related events were compared using ANCOVAs, adjusting for county demographics. Admission rates for events not associated with tobacco smoke were also compared. Results: Admission rates for tobacco smoke related events were lower in counties with smoke-free seats (152.5) that those without smoke-free seats (173.7), p<.05. There were no differences in admission rates for events not associated with tobacco smoke (18.0 vs 16.4, ns). Conclusions: The findings of this study suggest that smoke-free ordinances predict lower hospital admissions for tobacco smoke related health events. Broader protections from tobacco smoke at the state-level could improve health and reduce healthcare costs.
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