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World Congress on Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis and Musculoskeletal Diseases (the WCO-IOF-ESCEO Congress)

  • National Institute of Geriatrics, Rheumatology and Rehabilitation name of the Prof. Eleonora Reicher
Reumatologia 2018; 56/3
World Congress on Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis and
Musculoskeletal Diseases – the “WCO-IOF-ESCEO Congress”
The 18th edition of the WCO-IOF-ESCEO Congress – Krakow 2018
On 19–20 April 2018, the 18th edition of the World Conference on Osteoporosis, Degenerative Disease
and Musculoskeletal Disorders was held in Krakow, gathering medical specialists dealing with osteoporo-
sis – rheumatologists, orthopedists and internists – from all over the world. As many as 3,965 participants
were registered, with a record number of submitted abstracts (as compared to previous editions of the
conference). 1513 abstracts were selected by the Scientific Advisory Committee – co-chaired by Professor
René Rizzoli and Professor Cyrus Cooper – for oral or poster presentations, being subsequently published
in the supplement of the scientific journal of Osteoporosis International with other metabolic bone diseases
(Volume 29, Supplement 1).
The participants included representatives of the Polish medical community, with Prof. Edward Czerwiń-
ski, Prof. Piotr Głuszko, Prof. Ewa Marcinkowska-Suchowierska, Prof. Paweł Płudowski, Prof. Piotr Leszczyńs-
ki, Prof. Wojciech Pluskiewicz and Dr. Przemysław Borowy speaking at and chairing scientific sessions. The
posters were presented by Prof. Brygida Kwiatkowska, Prof. Wojciech Glinkowski, Joanna Dmowska-Chalaba,
Kinga Kostyra-Grabczak, Małgorzata Mańczak and Maria Maślińska.
The participants were not only able to enjoy interesting lectures, but could also meet experts in the
field during additionally organized events, discussing particular problems with them directly. Sessions with
experts such as Etienne Chevalier, Nicolas Harvey, Emmanuel Biver, Roland D. Chapurlat, Francois Rannou,
Bess Dawson-Hughes, Stefan Maggi and Edward Czerwiński were particularly fascinating.
Kraków welcomed the participants of the Congress with a gala at the Juliusz Słowacki Theatre. The
beautiful weather and a new modern congress center – where all the other activities took place – located on
the Vistula riverbank, with a magnificent view of the Wawel Castle, made taking part in the congress even
more enjoyable.
In 2019, the organizers invite you to the WCO-IOF-ESCEO Congress in Paris.
Maria Maślińska
Report Reumatologia 2018; 56, 3: 199
In the photo from the left: Prof. Piotr Głuszko,
Prof. Wojciech Pluskiewicz, Prof. Edward Czer-
wiński, Prof. Ewa Marcinkowska-Suchowierska,
Prof. Paweł Płudowski
Introduction: Risk of osteoporosis known to increase in COPD, but is usually overlooked, especially in male patients. Objectives: The present study compares the bone mineral density (BMD) measurements of male COPD patients with emphysema and the chronic bronchitis phenotype, and evaluates the association between density of emphysema and osteoporosis. Methods: 94 patients with COPD, and with emphysema and the chronic bronchitis phenotype were included in the prospective study. A high resolution computed tomography (HRCT) was used for the diagnosis of emphysema, dual X-ray absorptiometry was used to measure the BMD of the lumbar vertebrae and neck of the femur. Results: Emphysema phenotype 45.75% and chronic bronchitis phenotype 54.25%, based on their clinical findings and a quantitative volumetric analysis by HRCT. Osteoporosis was found 60.47% and 17.65% of patients with emphysema and bronchitis, while osteopenia was detected 27.91% and 41.18% of patients with emphysema and bronchitis. A negative correlation was found between HRCT emphysema density and the bone densitometer t-score in patients with osteoporosis. Among the patients with osteoporosis, a positive correlation was found between BMI and the bone densitometer t-score. Only BMI and emphysema score were found to be independent risk factors for a low BMD. One unit drop in BMI increased the risk of osteoporosis by 28% (OR=1.28, 95% CI 1.14-1.45) (p<0.001). One unit increase in emphysema score increased the risk of osteoporosis by 6% (OR=1.06, 95% CI 1.03-1.09) (p<0.001). Conclusion: Especially male patients with emphysema, high dyspnea score, low BMI and frequent exacerbations should be evaluated for osteoporosis.
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