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Earth Observation Techniques for the Geo-Environment of the cities of Igoumenitsa and Volos, Greece.



Integrated techniques have been applied to support Geo-environmental studies of urban areas. The cities of Igoumenitsa and Volos, Greece have been selected as pilot project areas. Both optical and radar remote sensing systems have been used in order to study land cover changes, update geological maps and analyse areas of potential subsidence. Interpretation results have been compared to selected geo-information and the results are delivered in 1:5,000 scale. Land cover changes for the period of 1985 to 2015 and Geologic features related to geo-hazards have been mapped. Areas of subsidence have been identified for the first time in both areas of study. Earth observation data have been proven efficient for supporting "Regional and Local studies" of the urban environment and for monitoring the cities.
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