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Stefaniya Ptashnyk, Ronny Beckert, Patrick Wolf-Farré & Matthias Wolny (Hg.). 2016. Gegenwärtige Sprachkontakte im Kontext der Migration (Schriften des Europäischen Zentrums für Sprachwissenschaften (EZS) 5). Heidelberg: Universitätsverlag Winter. 344 S.

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This paper discusses a phenomenon that has recently been observed in areas with a large migrant population in European cities: the rise of new linguistic practices among adolescents in multiethnic contexts. The main grammatical characteristics that have been described for them are (1) phonological/phonetic and lexical influences from migrant languages and (2) morpho-syntactic reductions and simplifications. In this paper, I show that from a grammatical point of view, morpho-syntactic reductions are only part of the story. Using ‘Kiezdeutsch’ as an example, the German instance of such a youth language (which may be the one with most speakers), I discuss several phenomena that provide evidence for linguistic productivity and show that they evolve from a specific interplay of grammatical and pragmatic features that is typical for contact languages: grammatical reductions go hand-in-hand with productive elaborations that display a systematicity that can lead to the emergence of new constructions, indicating the innovative grammatical power of these multiethnolects.
Linguistic Transitions of the Russian-Mennonites in Kansas
  • Mary D Schmidt