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Myo Mapper: a Myo armband to OSC mapper



A 'quick and easy' solution for exploring Thalmic Labs Myo's potential for realising new interfaces for musical expression.
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Transference is a hybrid computational system for improvised violin performance. With hardware sensors and digital signal processing (DSP), the system shapes live acoustic input and computer-generated sound. An electromyographic (EMG) sensor unobtrusively monitors movements of the left hand, while a custom glove controller tracks bowing gestures of the right arm. Through continuous musical gesture the performer is able to actuate and perturb streams of computationally transmuted audio. No additional layers of windowing or semantically-inflected processes of machine learning mediate this process. Remaining at the level of signal processing, the lack of windowed and/or statistical mediation creates a sense of fine-grain tactility and physical transduction for the performer. The strategies employed are sufficiently generalizable to apply to situations beyond those imagined and implemented here within the scope of augmented violin performance.
Conference Paper
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This paper describes a technique of multimodal, multichannel control of electronic musical devices using two control methodologies, the Electromyogram (EMG) and relative position sensing. Requirements for the application of multimodal interaction theory in the musical domain are discussed. We introduce the concept of bidirectional complementarity to characterize the relationship between the component sensing technologies. Each control can be used independently, but together they are mutually complementary. This reveals a fundamental difference from orthogonal systems. The creation of a concert piece based on this system is given as example.
Mumyo -evaluating and exploring the myo armband for musical interaction
  • K Nymoen
  • M R Haugen
  • A R Jensenius
K. Nymoen, M. R. Haugen, and A. R. Jensenius. Mumyo -evaluating and exploring the myo armband for musical interaction. In Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression, NIME '15, pages 215-218, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA, 2015.