Design and Application of High-risk Pregnancy Monitoring & Warning Internet Platform Based on Internet of Things

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Through illustrating the designing of high-risk pregnancy maternal-fetal monitoring system based on the internet of things, this paper introduced the specific application of using wearable medical devices to provide maternal-fetal mobile medical services. With the help of big data and cloud obstetrics platform, the monitoring and warning network was further improved, the level-to-level administration of high-risk pregnancy was realized, the level of perinatal health care was enhanced and the risk of critical emergency of pregnancy decreased.

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To read the full-text of this research,
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... It analyzes and demonstrates the existing construction safety production mode, proposes a construction safety production early warning system that can monitor, diagnose, and precontrol safety accidents, and aims to provide a practical application value and operability for construction safety production management [13,14]. According to research and inspection of a large amount of relevant data, the research and practice of establishing a safety early warning system in the field of highway engineering construction is currently lagging behind, and for high-risk industries with frequent construction casualties every year, the establishment of relatively complete construction safety and early warning system, to further improve the level of safety management technology, is an urgent and arduous task, and it is also a new task at present [15,16]. ...
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Real-time and effective early warning of highway engineering construction sites is the key to ensuring the safety of highway engineering construction. At present, highway engineering construction safety early warning is limited by the experience of relevant personnel at the site and the dynamic changes of the project site environment. Therefore, the creation of a more active, smarter, and more effective real-time early warning model for construction safety is a strong complement to current research and has important theoretical and practical implications. The Internet of Things is the third wave of the information industry after computers, the Internet, and mobile communication networks. It is of great significance to promote the development of science and technology, economic growth, and social progress. Aiming at the shortcomings of the inadequate safety management methods for highway engineering construction in China, the inefficient efficiency of safety production supervision and management, and the emphasis on single and sporty supervision methods, a real-time early warning model for highway engineering construction safety based on the Internet of Things technology was constructed. By quantifying, scoring, and statistics of the safety situation during the construction process, the model achieves the goals of real-time monitoring, early warning, and handling hidden safety hazards. It overcomes problems such as untimely and unscientific safety issues in the past and effectively improves China’s highway engineering construction. The experimental comparison between the real-time early warning model and the traditional early warning model in this paper shows that the accuracy of the early warning model proposed in this paper is improved by nearly 5%, and the false alarm rate is reduced by nearly 4%.
In this paper, the data processing platform for the detection of wearable Sports Physiological Parameters Based on the medical Internet of things can be connected with the network to build a medical Internet of things platform for remote monitoring of patients' lives, which can process physiological data in real time. Finally, the important physiological parameter array of human body is obtained and transmitted to ZigBee network in real time. If the patient needs further diagnosis, the collected data can also be sent to the home gateway through ZigBee and then sent to the telemedicine center through internwt for diagnosis by the doctor and the diagnosis results will be sent back to the patient. The data processing platform can realize the remote and real-time information interaction between doctors and patients.
Aiming at the shortcomings of traditional health monitoring equipment, such as large size, not easy to carry, this paper proposes a wearable heart rate monitoring intelligent sports bracelet monitoring system based on the Internet of things, which is used to monitor the user's changes in the human heart rate during sports. Through the Internet of things technology, ZigBee wireless sensor, Bluetooth and other communication technologies, data will be transmitted to personal terminal PC or only mobile phone for real-time monitoring, storage and analysis. The Internet of things communication network technology is used to transmit the data to the monitoring terminal platform. After the processing and analysis of the data, the abnormal data will be given an alarm in time to realize the monitoring of the heart rate health status of mobile personnel in the process of movement.
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