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Brics international cooperation: evaluation of strategic areas and potential partnership in STI



Since the BRICS Declaration in Cape Town in 2014, the five countries have committed to cooperation programs in science, technology and innovation (STI), from the five strategic themes assigned to each signatories: climate change and disaster mitigation (Brazil); water resources and pollution treatment (Russia); geospatial technology and its applications (India); new and renewable energies, and energy efficiency (China); and astronomy (South Africa). Almost five years after the Declaration and almost a decade after the First BRIC Summit, it is still a challenge to evaluation of strengthening international cooperation among countries, due to the presence in the large index databases commonly used for collection of scientific data. The proposal of this research is to undertake a study on international cooperation among BRICS countries in the last 5 years through the Dimensions platform, based on the incidence of co-authoring and funding of research agencies from the five countries. Topics: 1) The strategic themes of the Cape Town Summit of 2014; 2) Temporal analysis of STI of BRICs in the last 10 years; 3) Temporal analysis on the strategic themes in each of the five countries; 4) Development agencies that have supported research in these strategic themes 5) What international cooperation networks have been formed in these areas of the BRICS and which are the central countries emerging in this scenario around these networks? 6) What other areas arise in the international cooperation networks between the BRICS countries?
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